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The plan for the development of human capital is underway: the public administration changes

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Great news for the public administration: at Palazzo Vidoni the Minister Renato Brunetta and the Head of the Civil Service Department Marcello Fiori, with the Minister Maria Cristina Messa, the President of Aran Antonio Naddeo, the Rector of Sapienza Antonella Polimeni, the President of Tim Salvatore Rossi Group and the PA Director of Microsoft Italy Stefano Stinchi. they have
presented an extraordinary training and refresher program aimed at 3.2 million public employees and divided into two strands: the first aims to increase the knowledge and skills of public workers by facilitating enrollment in degree and master courses at all universities Italian; the second provides for the launch of specific training programs to support the transitions envisaged by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, starting with the digital one, with public and private, national and international partners.

Microsoft is strongly involved: “With our training platforms – explains the PA director of Microsoft Italy, Stefano Stinchi – we will participate in the project ‘Re-train the PA. Qualified people to qualify the country’, offering over 40 courses on the most widespread, specific training events on the most requested digital skills, delivered in hybrid mode, and IT skills certification paths, to contribute to the enhancement of the PA’s human capital, thus supporting the modernization of the country “.

“At Microsoft – he concluded – we have been engaged for years together with our partners in the creation of training courses able to offer everyone the opportunity to acquire the IT skills necessary for new professional skills and for the evolved digital paradigms of work and life. “, Stinchi observed, adding that” we have already trained two million Italians with our skilling and reskilling courses and initiatives to accompany the growth of Italy in line with the indications of the NRP “.

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