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The PNRR neglects robotics and artificial intelligence

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Robotics is already among us and is, together with artificial intelligence, an indispensable technology for responding to transversal problems affecting our society. It is a well-known reality in the scientific community and which these days is well represented at the Maker Faire Rome, in the robotics pavilion curated by the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines (I-RIM). Here, university laboratories and research centers show prototypes and projects thanks to which Italy can boast the role of protagonist of innovation even in a supranational context.

The comment I signed with Antonio Bicchi for Nature Italy, taken up by beraking latest news, regarding in particular the National Recovery and Resilience Plan which neglects a strategic research field in which Italy has a competitive advantage, can only resonate with this image of excellence that we are promoting to the general public and which, as underlined in the piece, plays a fundamental role in advancing the digital industrial transition, sustainable mobility, environmental protection, agritech.

The new robotic solutions for the production and services sector are at the center of the three days of I-RIM 3D with debates, conferences and round tables. The underlying theme is the state of the art of robotics and its future evolution which will more clearly see the intersection of the latter with Artificial Intelligence, already manifest of I-RIM when proposing the neologism InterAction Technology (IAT), is talking about robotics and smart devices that can collaborate with people and interact with the environment, thus providing the missing link between the digital and physical world in which we live.

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