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The practice telephone under control – patient service, reception hotline

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The practice telephone under control – patient service, reception hotline

Hamburg – Make calls confidently with a calling card and professional conversations – practical exercises for more security

A large part of the communication with patients in medical practices is still over the phone – not only appointments are made, but also questions are clarified and complaints are addressed. It is not uncommon for a bad rating to follow – for example on Google – because from the caller’s point of view insufficient information was provided. A professional service will help to avoid such situations.

As an experienced seminar provider, Kompakttraining GmbH & Co. KG has been training employees in medical practices, hospitals and clinics throughout Germany for many years in communicating with patients, referrers and pharmaceutical representatives.

One-day telephone training – patient service under control

Among other things, the one-day telephone training is often booked by this target group. The seminar deals with the basics of telephoning with tips and tricks for the telephone business card of the practice, professional conversation and complaint management. The interactive training is structured in a participant-oriented manner based on everyday questions and challenges and contains practical telephone exercises. In this way, the participants get more security for telephoning in everyday practice.

In-house – presence – online

The compact training GmbH & Co. KG offers the day course regularly as an open seminar for individuals throughout Germany and as an interactive online seminar. In addition, the seminar leaders of the Hamburg service provider also come directly to the practices, hospitals and clinics and train entire teams there for a day.

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