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The Problem of Excessive Humanization of Pets and Its Impact on Animal Well-being

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The Problem of Excessive Humanization of Pets and Its Impact on Animal Well-being

The excessive humanization of pets in society, treating them as family members, has raised concerns about the well-being of these animals. Andrea Milá, spokesperson for the French platform “Lend me your puppy,” warns that this trend can lead to practices that do not respect their physical and psychological well-being, as their natural needs and behaviors are often forgotten.

The platform “Lend me your puppy” has gained 70,000 users in Spain, offering a shared care system between pet owners and individuals looking to experience the responsibility of caring for a dog before committing full time. This initiative aims to prevent impulsive adoptions, especially around the holidays, when pets given as gifts are often abandoned.

According to a study by the Affinity Foundation, over 288,000 dogs and cats were collected by shelters in Spain in 2022, highlighting the issue of pet abandonment. Eva Ortín, head of marketing and communication for the pet health insurer Santévet, points out that the availability and economic cost of caring for a pet are common causes of abandonment. She emphasizes the importance of investing in pet insurance and learning about their specific needs, routines, and potential illnesses.

Andrea Milá advocates for the promotion of public health insurance for pets to make veterinary expenses more accessible, thereby promoting responsible pet ownership. She also supports the new Animal Welfare Law as an important step toward protecting animals in Spain, though there are still significant challenges to overcome.

Eva Ortín also views the new regulation as a significant advance, as it aims to combat animal abuse and abandonment, while also benefiting certain dog breeds by eliminating the category of potentially dangerous dogs.

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Overall, the concerns about the well-being of pets and their treatment as members of the family have sparked a push for responsible ownership and better access to veterinary care in Spain.

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