Home Health The protest of three sports clubs: “We die of cold in the gym and the electricity keeps going out” :: Report in Forlì

The protest of three sports clubs: “We die of cold in the gym and the electricity keeps going out” :: Report in Forlì

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The protest of three sports clubs: “We die of cold in the gym and the electricity keeps going out” :: Report in Forlì

We receive and publish the following open letter:

“We are writing to draw attention to some inconveniences and disservices relating to the sports facilities of the Municipality of Forlì in general and of the Villafranca gymnasium in the specifics of this letter. After the return in recent days of the right to hot water by the Municipality which fortunately he retraced his steps, we wish to make a precise reflection on heating. The Municipality has issued a communication on the basis of which the heating of the systems is scheduled from 8 to 12 and from 17 to 21, with a set point at 17 °. compared with other clubs in our championships in Cesena, Ravenna, Bologna. In some cases we have found a slight reduction in hours, for example 30 minutes before the last club finishes training. So if training ends at 11pm, the warm-up is deactivates at 10.30 pm. In other cases not even that. At this point we ask ourselves: why is heating allowed in Forlì only until 9.00 pm? Salty llettes don’t reach the neighboring municipalities? Many clubs train until 10 or 11 pm. Why can’t the warm-up go on until at least 10.00 pm? The restrictions adopted by other Municipalities are less severe to us”.

“Added to this discomfort are others here in Villafranca that we want to bring to everyone’s attention. At the start of the season, upon entering the gym, we found damaged parquet in the central area of ​​the field as if it had rained internally. At the first rains of We had confirmation of this in September. To our amazement, the rain was pouring copiously through the roof. Informing the Municipality, a team of suppliers proceeded to unblock the gutters blocked by leaves and the like. The problem is, at the moment, solved. a step back, after the floods that hit Villafranca hard 3 years ago, the roof of the facility underwent major redevelopment and the parquet was completely redone.Evidently there were errors in planning maintenance and for this reason reason a new damage has arisen. Who is responsible for the failure to intervene in the appropriate time? Because it is necessary to wait for a new damage to step in after all the money spent 3 years ago? hmm…”

“As if that weren’t enough, since last October there has been a sudden power outage during matches and training sessions. We found ourselves interrupting a regional championship match, we found ourselves in the dark during training sessions with children aged 7-8 years. The manager called into question suppliers who took a long time to intervene and did not solve the problem. We then informed the Municipality of this situation which we cannot define as ordinary or extraordinary since the technical reason is not known. For now, no answer on the matter. But is it correct that a Municipality does not respond to reports from user companies that regularly pay for the spaces they use? Certainly the facilities of the Polisportivo as well as many others have not received the necessary maintenance over the years. A total negligence. But it shouldn’t be the Sports Clubs that suffer the consequences. We hope that those of d please take responsibility for the above and act NOW!”

In Faith
ASD Forl ì Volleyball Villafranca
GS Villafranca
ASD Blessed Beer Basket

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