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The push for compulsory vaccination is growing in Italy but Draghi is holding back for now

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The pressure is also growing in Italy to raise the threshold of attention against the virus and for the first time within the Government we are beginning to think about the possibility of extending the vaccination obligation to other categories after that of health professionals. But Palazzo Chigi slows down for now and even if we look with concern at what is happening in Austria and Germany, we keep our eyes fixed on the contagion curve which seems to give the first signs of slowdown (Rt stable at 1.2).

Italy, which now travels over 10 thousand infections – yesterday 10544 cases, 48 ​​deaths and the positivity rate that rises to 2% – and the threat of new closures on the horizon that distresses the governors (Friuli will turn yellow next week) require countermeasures as soon as possible. “The water of the virus, in this fourth wave, rises and we must raise the level of attention”, confirmed yesterday the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

The hypotheses: green pass at 9 months and bans for the unvaccinated

On the table, in view of the meeting with the governors before the launch of a new decree next week, there are various hypotheses: the most obvious is that of a reduction in the duration of the green pass which will pass from 12 to 9 months. this is to encourage the use of third doses for which the Government is also ready to shorten the minimum interval for making the new injection to five or even four months (today it is six months) for all over 40s.

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But the debate is also very open on a possible new tightening of the green pass that already in the new provision could be extended to 2022: the Regions are asking for the restrictions of the yellow, orange and red zones to be triggered – the stop to stadiums, theaters, cinemas. , restaurants, bars, gyms etc. – only for the unvaccinated. A “lockdown” to social life for the nearly 7 million non-immunized Italians, who, however, with the use of tampons would have guaranteed access to essential services (such as transport) and obviously the possibility of going to work. The front of the Regions is betting above all on the idea of ​​a super green pass that excludes vaccinated people from the restrictions. A proposal judged to be “common sense”, warns the Minister of Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini on Radio 24, because “85% of vaccinated Italians cannot be penalized” in the event of color changes, and on which the Government is available to listen to the Regions even if decisions have not yet been taken.



The front of the mandatory vaccine

However, the front of those in favor of the more radical solution is also growing, namely that of the vaccination obligation to be extended to a wider audience after that of health professionals, who with the incoming decree will necessarily have to have the third dose inoculated. Prime Minister Draghi said he was “personally in favor” in unsuspected times – that is, at the beginning of September – but now he is holding back in the face of a divisive hypothesis.

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