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The real cause of long covid has been discovered: low seratonin levels

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The real cause of long covid has been discovered: low seratonin levels

Covid and long covid, also known as post covid, represent two distinct phases. The first is the viral attack, while the second is a debilitating condition that persists weeks after testing negative. Despite the disappearance of the virus, its consequences persist. In the past, some have confused long Covid with a slow recovery, but now research has revealed a well-defined cause of this post-virus syndrome, shedding light on the symptoms and origins.

The symptoms of Long Covid and the reasons for its appearance

Il Long Covid it affected a large population, involving as many as 65 million people worldwide. This syndrome is characterized by manifesting itself after the virus becomes negative and brings with it a series of debilitating symptoms, including mental confusion, difficulty concentrating and memory, tiredness, changes in taste and smellas well as gastrointestinal problems and headaches.

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Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a significant study on this post-covid phase, the result of which was published in the scientific journal Cell. In essence, Long Covid is related to low serotonin levels.

The inflammation triggered by the virus causes the immune system to produce interferons, a family of proteins responsible for responding to infections and external threats, such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and tumor cells.

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The role of interferons: they protect us but with important consequences

The interferon They negatively affect the body’s ability to absorb tryptophan, a precursor to numerous neurotransmitters, including serotonin. This impact on neurotransmitters has significant consequences on cognitive functions, contributing to difficulties in concentration, memory and the slowdown of psychophysical recovery in patients suffering from Long Covid. Research from the University of Pennsylvania has shed light on this complex interaction, paving the way for possible therapeutic approaches.

What is serotonin and what is it for?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter essential for the functioning of the nervous system. It plays a crucial role in regulating mood, sleep, appetite and cognitive functions. Its importance is evident in the management of emotions and mental balance. A decrease in serotonin levels, as found in Long Covid patients, can lead to symptoms such as depression, anxiety and difficulty concentrating. Therefore, understanding this molecule becomes crucial to address the challenges related to this post-virus syndrome and develop targeted therapies.

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