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the reason and what are the triggers

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Always being hungry should be a wake-up call, let’s sell together what is the reason and what are the triggers.

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Always have appetite, it is not good for one’s body and this factor stems from bad habits which would be better not to do. First of all we must not confuse hunger with thirst, in fact sometimes we believe we are hungry when in reality our body only needs to assimilate water. The feeling of being hungry instead of thirst will disappear if you start drinking water constantly throughout the day.

Others factors important results from poor sleep and stress. In fact, in the first case, if you do not sleep well, in the morning you are likely to wake up very hungry, on the contrary if you sleep the recommended hours (from 7 to 8 hours) it will not happen. With stress the speech is slightly different, precisely there are two responses to this factor: those who do not eat at all and those who respond with hunger. So if you find yourself craving food in times of distress, recognize that it is a response to this emotional state.

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Reasons why you are always hungry and how to avoid it

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There are ways to recognize and therefore fight the constant desire for food. One of which is how you eat. If you swallow food during meals, the body cannot assimilate the food and ends up requiring more food. While if you eat slowly, your hunger gradually disappears and you feel full.

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Another important factor that contributes to always being hungry is not assimilating healthy fats. These fats are found in olive oil, nuts and salmon for example and not in fried, fatty and smoked foods, which instead contain fats that are harmful to health. Finally, it is very important to have a healthy routine, and having the classic 5 meals a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) prevents continuous hunger.

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