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the record surgery at the Nocera Inferiore hospital

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the record surgery at the Nocera Inferiore hospital

Last week at the Nocera Inferiore hospital (province of Salerno) an operation was carried out on a 63-year-old man, in whom a tumor mass of almost 5 kg had been identified. The 63-year-old man was given a prompt diagnosis after a mass was found on the right kidney, which extended to involve some important blood vessels, in particular the vena cava.


The intervention

The operation was carried out by Dr. Roberto Sanseverino (director of the Department of General Surgery of the ASL Salerno) together with his team. The surgery lasted about two hours. These are the words of Gennaro Sosto, general director of the hospital: «The investments in skills and technologies that we are putting in place strengthen the potential of the professionals of the Salerno Local Health Authority.

This operation is confirmation of this. The Umberto I of Nocera works in close correlation with the other ASL facilities in the company hospital network and acts as a point of reference for the entire province of Salerno and Campania also due to the high hospital complexity and for the recovery of passive mobility of the province”.


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