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the results of the American research

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the results of the American research

E-cigarettes could lead to a series of tobacco-related diseases, identical to the diseases developed by traditional cigarettes. The hypothesis – the result of a scientific study conducted by the USC’s Keck School of Medicine – would cast a long shadow on what until now had been considered a less harmful alternative to smoking, because the research results reveal similar levels of damage in the DNA of the cells of the mucous membrane of the mouth, writes Il Messaggero.

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I study

The research group led by Ahmad Besaratinia examined the genetic code of the cells of the mucous membrane of the mouth of three groups of 72 people: those who vape but have never smoked, those who smoke but have never vaped and finally those who absolute smokers. From this small group, the scientists collected information on the frequency of vaping and smoking and on the period of exposure to cigarettes and e-cigs, submitting them detailed questionnaires and interviews to verify the history of each participant.

«For the first time, we have shown that those who use electronic cigarettes and even for a long time, have greater damage to the DNA, especially in the cells of the mouth and esophagus. The same pattern as traditional smokers,” explains senior author Ahmad Besarantinia.

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The results

The result was, in some respects, surprising, as the researchers did not show substantial differences in terms of damage caused between vapers and smokers, with twice as many cells damaged in relation to non-vapers/smokers. And there’s more. The more exposure to smoke from both products increases, the greater the extent of the damage.

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But among e-cigs, a distinction must also be made: DNA damage is greater for those who use smaller and cheaper devices (mods), compared to those who use more sophisticated ones (pods). Finally, the researchers also found that sweet-smelling vapes had an association with the highest levels of DNA damage, followed by mint and fruit flavors.

Predisposition to cancer

“Given the popularity of pod and mod devices and the preference for sweet, mint or menthol-flavored, and fruit-flavored e-liquids by both adult and youth vapers, our findings may have significant implications for public health and the regulation of these products”.

According to American research, which in the past had already dealt with possible links between vaping and cancer, the alterations of gene expression, epigenetic changes and other anomalies caused by e-cig smoke, would predispose to the development of inflammatory diseases and cancer.

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