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the risk of bacteria is very high

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the risk of bacteria is very high

Before cooking, raw chicken must never be washed, the risk of bacteria is very high and we could compromise health.

Chicken to cook with toppings (Pixabay)


Usually, before cooking raw chicken, we rinse it thoroughly under tap water. Well, it’s about a bad habit which could negatively affect our health. How come? According to experts, the risk of bacteria and the spread of infections is greatly increased. A bad habit that should be avoided. Just think that a quarter of the dishes are based on chicken they are contaminated.

The British Food Standards Agencyfor example, not recommend strongly recommend washing the chicken before cooking. The drops of water used for rinsing, in fact, could contaminate all the surrounding surfaces, utensils, cutlery and all objects nearby, without counting the germs deposited on our hands.

Risk of spread of bacteria: never wash the chicken, better cook it directly

raw chicken health risk
Raw chicken slices (Pixabay)

Washing the chicken before putting it in the pan could be the wrong move. Chicken meat, in fact, is strongly contaminated with bacteria. By washing it, we do nothing but spread bacteria everywhere, even on our clothes. Among the most widespread and deleterious bacteria we find the Campylobacterpresent in many types of meat.

Chicken meat is full of this bacterium, which can cause simple intestinal disorders, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, up to even severe infections. To avoid contamination, therefore, it is always good avoid washing. Surely it is better to cook the meat directly in the oven.

The high temperature they kill the bacterium and thus they avoid its spread. In the kitchen, however, you must always pay attention to where the food is deposited. A good habit is to to separate cooked foods from raw ones. Avoiding food contamination is important, and you must always remember to wash utensils thoroughly after use, especially when cooking raw meat.

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About contamination from food, we had also talked about it in this article, starting from a foreign study which highlighted the danger of contamination, capable of affecting one in four people and causing more or less serious disorders. I recommend, therefore, when you cook the chicken, be careful.

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