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The risk of colorectal cancer varies based on the type of body you have: the study

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The risk of colorectal cancer varies based on the type of body you have: the study

Research conducted on over 329,000 participants revealed that the risk of developing colorectal cancer can also vary based on body shape. Specifically, this was greater in two body types: people with widespread obesity and tall people with central obesity, i.e. concentrated at the abdomen.

L’obesity represents a risk factor known for the colorectal cancer. However, obesity alone is not enough to define the percentage risk of developing it this form of tumor. New research conducted on data from over 329,000 people revealed how even the body type may increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

Specifically, the results of this new study, published in Science Advanceshas shown that the risk of colorectal cancer is greater in two forms of physiquei.e. in people with obesity distributed throughout the body and in tall people with central obesity, i.e. localized in the center of the body, at bust height.

“Colorectal cancer” refers to that form of cancer that can affect the colon, which is the longest part of the large intestine, or the rectum, which is the final part of the large intestine, closest to the anus. As reported by Aircthis form of tumor represents 10% of all cancers in the world and is the third most diagnosed, after breast cancer and lung cancer.

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The risk of cancer varies based on the “shape” of the body

Researchers from six different countries used data from UK Biobanka database created between 2006 and 2010 that collects information from over 500,000 individuals residents of England, Scotland and Wales, who at the time of data collection had between 38 and 73 years old. Of these, data from 329,828 participants were analyzed in the study.

Based on information such as height, weight and proportions between different body parts, waist or hip circumference or waist-hip ratio, they were identified four types of “physiques”: a “generally obese” body shape, a tall and centrally obese body shape, a tall but more evenly distributed body shape, and an athletic body shape. Of these four body shapes, only the first two were “strongly associated” with risk to develop colorectal cancer.

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What body types are most at risk

Specifically, in individuals in the first group (“generally obese”) the risk of developing this form of cancer was 10% higher, while those in the second group (“tall with central obesity”) had a 12% higher risk (18% in women). In the other groups the increase in risk was minimalso much so that it is not considered significant.

These results obviously do not suggest that those with this type of physique will necessarily develop colorectal cancer, rather they indicate – explain the authors – that indicators usually used to assess the risk of colorectal cancer alone are not sufficient. We are talking about values ​​such as body fat, body mass index or fat destruction: these in fact risk putting people with different body types within the same risk range, while “despite having the same mass index body, two people can have a different risk of cancer.”

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