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The rules for keeping your brain young

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The rules for keeping your brain young

Much can be done for keep your brain young. Experts have drawn up a real handbook to slow down the natural aging process.

What are the best foods to keep your brain young?

Proper nutrition is among the best rules to follow to keep your brain young. We need to focus on an antioxidant diet, rich in omega 3 and 6, polyphenols, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin. On the contrary, following a diet based mainly on refined flours, sugars, saturated fats and animal-derived proteins can lead to inflammation.

To slow down the aging process it is important to take vitamin D, useful for immune defenses and the skeleton. We know that the health of our gut is fundamental to the well-being of the brain. Assume prebiotics and probiotics they have a beneficial effect on the balance of the microbiome, useful for lowering inflammation levels.

Drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day

Hydration is crucial for brain health. Water contains many elements essential for cellular activities. Suffice it to say that the main consequences of dehydration occur precisely at the brain level:

difficulty concentrating, feeling foggy, restless, headache.

To keep your brain young, study

The more years of study you have behind you, the less your brain ages: in fact, the age of the brain is reduced by 0.95 years for each year of education. This was established by the results of a study by a team of researchers from Concordia University in Montreal, published on Neurobiology of Agingwhich through magnetic resonance imaging measured the gray matter volume of 331 healthy adults aged 19 to 79. Brain decline is driven by neural shrinkage and neuronal loss, and is a very visible part of the chronological aging process..

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Running and lifting weights train the mind

If you think that dedicating attention to physical fitness takes away precious time to cultivate the mind, you should think again. In fact, there is much scientific evidence that promotes sport great workout for the brain too.

A research from the University of Minnesota, published in the journal Neurology, which assessed the physical, mental and mnemonic fitness of 3 thousand participants between 20 and 30 years of age with treadmill running and attention and reasoning speed tests. The exercises were then repeated 20-25 years later, when the participants were now in middle age. The results speak clearly: who he was fitter when younger has proven to have a better trained brain afterwards.

Lifting weights is essential when you are over 50. We know that muscle mass decreases significantly with aging. This phenomenon is called sarcopenia. Doing weights is important to maintain your muscles as much as possible, but also to slow down cognitive decline.

Even climbing the stairs can make a difference

The more flights of stairs you climb, the less your brain ages: the age of the brain is reduced by 0.58 years per year for every flight of stairs per day done with constancy and regularity. This was established by the results of a study by a team of researchers from Concordia University in Montreal, published on Neurobiology of Agingwhich through magnetic resonance imaging measured the gray matter volume of 331 healthy adults aged 19 to 79.

«This study demonstrates that education and physical activity influence the difference between a physiological prediction of aging and chronological age, and that people are able to do something concrete to help their brain stay young” underlines Jason Steffener who coordinated the study. Advice? Look around and… immediately take a flight of stairs! Here are the tricks to overcome sedentary lifestyle even in the office

Dedicating yourself to your passions is very important

You can benefit greatly from simple recreational activities. Enough sing together o dedicate yourself to learning a musical instrument to sweep away the depression and remove some rust from the brain. This is what one proves studio from the University of Helsinki published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Hobbies have an “anti-aging” effect on the brain

Continue to cultivate your hobbies, even as you age: they will allow your brain to stay young, halving the risk of mental decline. This is demonstrated by an American study by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and published in the journal Neurology.

By comparing the activities carried out with the degree of cognitive decline found, it emerged that the practice of artistic activities reduces the risk of mental decline, reducing it by 73%; the practice of craft activities, however, halves it (-45%), just as the use of the PC (-53%) and social relationships (-55%) also do.

Brain fit after 50? Have a lot of sex

The well-being of the brain and cognitive functions after the age of 50 rhyme with satisfying sexual activity. One reveals it studio of Coventry University, who analyzed the data from the massive dossier Engligh Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)a real database that collects information on health, Lifestyle and socio-economic variables in adults aged over 50 in Great Britain.

The researchers observed a sample of women and men aged between 50 and 89, revealing that those among them who had sex regularly scored higher on memory tests. Not only that: continuing to have sexual intercourse after the age of 50 is closely linked to better cognitive function.

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