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The rules of healthy longevity: 10 things to do at the table to age well Cook

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The rules of healthy longevity: 10 things to do at the table to age well Cook

Can we become over one hundred years old? And especially, we can live well beyond one hundred years? Camillo Ricordichief director of the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, one of the most important medical centers for the treatment of diabetes, as well as one of the world‘s leading experts in preventive medicine, absolutely convinced of it. Anyone who wants to can live up to 120, maybe even 150 yearssays the professor, author of the book The code of healthy Longevity (Mondadori).

Cos’ the healthy longevity

Over 100 years of age feeling young: that’s what I mean by healthy longevity, explains the expert. There are three ways to achieve it: to be lucky enough not to have health problems, to reverse the aging clock by exploiting very promising new techniques that are still in the preclinical research phase that exploit stem cells, to experience the power of the prevention which allows us to return to a lower biological agecontinues the professor.

On what longevity depends

In fact, as he explains in his book, our life expectancy is tied only to a minimal extent to DNA: 20% depends on genetics, the rest on us, or rather on one diet balancedphysical exercise, but not only. Sport and healthy nutrition remain essential, but they are not enough. Given that the Mediterranean diet became bastardized because we no longer eat as we used to, and that food does not contain all the nutrients our body needs, it becomes increasingly important to support protective substances, says Ricordi. Basically it is about supplementsamong which sirtuins activatorslongevity proteins: fundamental, as the professor points out, to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. In Italy – data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanit – affect 14 million people: among these 8.4 million 65-year-olds who experience what Ricordi calls the she lived a long time illthat is, a long but unhealthy life.

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Inflammation: what lifestyle has to do with it

The source of these diseases the same: Diet-induced inflammation and chronic subliminal inflammation, a silent killerexplains Ricordi, underlining that it is underhand because it does not cause visible damage, but in the long run it damages the body’s tissues. To understand the degree of inflammation – continues the expert – a blood test is enough: it is called Arachidonic acid (AA) on eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Put yourself to the test: the ratio should be 1.5, but for Italians – in line with the US trend – the average 15, says the professor, recalling the importance of prevention. Ricordi explained to us what he consists of in detail, illustrating his integrated approach step by step. Read on and ask yourself: Am I aging well?

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