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the script is already written

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the script is already written

A new therapeutic emergency is on the horizon, indeed, it is probably already inside our home: it is the emergency linked to monkeypox. How it was appealed with a decidedly popular formula. Useful, if nothing else, to make it clear that a new emergency is taking over the present situation. We had said it, without fear of denial. Obviously being promptly denied, criticized and pointed out as conspiracy theorists, defeatists and with many other categories dear to the new language.

Unlimited emergency is the foundation of the new neoliberal political rationality. This means that perennial emergency is the new normal, since it coincides in all respects with a precise neoliberal method of government, a method of government that juxtaposes emergency to do what, without it, it would struggle to do.

The emergency is used artfully by the power to be able to ensure that what is unacceptable in normality becomes inevitable with the emergency. The emergency measures we have experienced on our living flesh are a shining example of this. What is worse, these measures are ready to return in all their repressive reach, explained in a purely scientific key as if the lockdown, the social distancing had only a medical-scientific function and were not also precise methods of repression, precise methods of reorganization company specification.

Capitalism is establishing a society of control, authoritarian and repressive, which frees only capital in its movement of unlimited growth. With monkeypox it seems that we are faced with a continuation of the previous emergency. After tachipirina and watchful waiting, it will be the turn of bananas and watchful waiting. Beyond the jokes, the situation is tragic even if not serious. The emergency will continue since it is the foundation of the new rationality.

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Quarantine has already started in Belgium. Joe Biden, head of the US, has already said that the situation should worry everyone. Words that must not be neglected, since they signal a very precise trajectory: a sign that the plutocracy will once again use this emergency to limit our rights and our freedoms, to radically shape our way of being governed based on the permanent emergency that be it terrorist, energy or financial. Welcome to the new techno-sanitary leviathan!

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