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The secret to improving sugar metabolism after eating

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The secret to improving sugar metabolism after eating

Immediately after eating, blood sugars tend to increase but there is a secret to help our body metabolize them with a great benefit on our health

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When we eat there is a real peak of sugars in the blood and then our pancreas releases insulin to reduce this concentration of glucose, called in medical terms, glycemia.

In subjects suffering from diabetes or other insulin resistant diseases there is a risk of serious consequences for health but, even in people who do not suffer from any disease, the excessive presence of blood sugar it could be a real problem.

However, there is a trick to avoid this accumulation and the consequent spike of sugars inside our body, as explained by a study published in “Sports Medicine”. Let’s find out what we are talking about.

The simple secret to helping our body improve sugar metabolism

After eating we tend to remain seated at the table especially after a hearty meal in the company of our loved ones to chat, having a good coffee. Nothing more wrong!


Sugar metabolism
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Instead, it would be advisable for us and our friends or relatives to get up from our chairs and all go for a nice walk, an opportunity to be together again and also to improve our blood glucose metabolism after eating.

We should set out especially afterwards cena, time close to bedtime and sleep. At this time we are therefore more at risk of blood sugar accumulation.

But how long should we stand or better walk to help our metabolism? According to the researchers, even just enough two minutes after spending 20 of them sitting eating at 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes.

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Also, although standing is better than sitting too long after eating, just a short walk will improve the effect on insulin. So scholars recommend that walk even a little and low intensity in order not to remain seated at the table to laze around.

Sugar metabolism
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You can also enjoy a good coffee after lunch or dinner at the bar instead of at home so as to take a nice walk that will be good for your body and mind for a healthier, leaner and fitter body.

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