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The secret to sleep well without suffering from the heat of summer

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The secret to sleep well without suffering from the heat of summer

Summer has finally arrived, accompanied by the inevitable heat. For a few weeks now, temperatures have risen to over 30 ° C in some cities. This doesn’t just mean being forced to endure sweat, lack of air, and sticky humidity for the whole day.

Often the heat leaves us no respite even at night. This happens especially in cities, where temperatures are higher due to a phenomenon called “heat island”. With this term, scientists have defined the overheating of urban centers, compared to neighboring areas. That the temperature in the city is at least 2 ° C higher than in the suburbs or small towns seems to be the norm.

This is caused by the presence of concrete, asphalt, steel, which, when hit by heat, retain a large part of it. All of this generates record temperatures in the summer that leave many people sleepless.

But the secret to sleeping well without suffering exists and does not include either the air conditioner or the fan. Many are convinced that the only way to fight the heat in the house is to turn on the air conditioning and make the cost of the bill skyrocket.
There are actually far less expensive and healthier ways to stay cool even in the summer. One of them is finding the right sleeping position.

The secret to sleep well without suffering the heat of summer even for a few hours and the best position to wake up rested

One of the first survival rules, for those who are in the city in the summer, concerns the ventilation of the rooms of the house. If we leave the windows open all day, hot air will inevitably invade our home.

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This is why ventilation should only be done in the early hours of the day, when the air has freed itself from the dust and is fresher. During the day it is better to keep the windows and shutters tightly closed and open them only in the dark.

As for the best fabrics to use in the summer, there is no doubt that cotton is the best choice because it guarantees correct transpiration. But let’s get to some tricks to cool off during the night.

In winter, many have the custom of going to sleep with a hot water bottle. In the summer, this item can turn into a perfect cooler bag. Just fill it and put it in the freezer for a few hours. During the night, in moments of worst heat, it can be placed on the body.

Another secret is to eat non-heavy foods. Only in this way will our body stay light and sweat less. We arrive at the most useful position for sleeping without suffering from the heat. The best would be to sleep on your back and with your legs slightly apart. In the star position, the body is large and barely touches the sheets. Furthermore, the lungs are free to fill and release the hot air.


Tricks and mistakes to avoid to sleep well in the summer heat and rest well

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