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The Secrets to Longevity and Happiness Straight from a Japanese Cardiologist’s Daily Routine

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The Secrets to Longevity and Happiness Straight from a Japanese Cardiologist’s Daily Routine

Japanese cardiologist shares secrets to living a long and happy life

Mika Cribbs, a content creator and graphic designer from Los Angeles, recently traveled to Osaka to spend time with her 95-year-old grandfather Reizo, a cardiologist who has reached this impressive age with healthy and happy living practices.

Mika was eager to learn the secrets of her grandfather’s healthy longevity and was surprised to find that there was no single answer. Instead, her grandfather explained that the concept of “ikigai” or sense of purpose is vital. He stressed the importance of finding one’s purpose and following that path with care, intention, and joy.

The Japanese cardiologist shared several aspects of his daily routine and non-negotiable activities that contribute to his long and happy life. Beyond waking up early, walking, and enjoying a nap, here are some of the keys to longevity that he practices:

1. Take a morning walk of 7,000 steps: Reizo and his wife are early risers who start their day with a morning walk to maintain their physical health and keep their brains active and alert.

2. Practice moderate exercise daily: Following their walk, they engage in personalized exercise routines that include stretching, strength training, and balancing exercises.

3. Talk to loved ones every day: Reizo maintains strong connections with his global community, including his grandchildren in the United States, to promote his emotional well-being and avoid isolation and loneliness.

4. Update a blog: Since 2014, the cardiologist has been recording his thoughts, experiences, and points of view on a blog, emphasizing the value of consistent effort over time.

5. Cultivate hobbies: Reizo is an accomplished artist who enjoys drawing self-portraits daily. He also tends a garden and plays the recorder to continue learning about himself and find pleasure in life.

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6. Take several naps throughout the day: Reizo knows when to rest, and his self-awareness in knowing when to take breaks has been a major contributing factor to his longevity.

7. Enjoy the pleasure of healthy food and treats: While the Japanese cardiologist loves life’s pleasures like red meats, cheeses, and good wines, he also enjoys a variety of vegetables in homemade Japanese meals, highlighting the importance of balance in diet.

By following these practices, Reizo has maintained good health and happiness, proving that long and joyful living is an achievable goal that begins with finding one’s purpose and embracing life with care, intention, and joy.

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