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The sense of a short shower app

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The sense of a short shower app

This morning the New York Times on the front page warned us that we are accelerating towards the climate apocalypse. Even in the United States it is a complicated summer: hot, arid, violent at times. A surreal debate has been held in Germany for days, opened by a minister who argued for the need to reduce the average time in the hot shower of its citizens, from eleven minutes to five.

How the summer has changed

by Riccardo Luna

Someone was offended: how does the government dare to tell me how long my shower should last? And in fact there should be no need for the government, we should alone realize the effects of global warming and the damage of a development model that assumed that resources were abundant, almost infinite. Well water is not, we see it especially in Italy with dry rivers; and not even the gas to heat it. It’s not about not taking a shower but about taking a shorter one.

We are all environmentalists for a month

by Riccardo Luna

Not a heroic gesture, but a simple gesture that alone expresses awareness and respect but that multiplied by millions of people can mean a lot. Becoming aware of the new era ahead of us is the most important challenge because it requires us to change comfortable habits that we have been replicating for a lifetime. I hope the guys will give us a boost: yesterday the final of the best projects of the Higher Technical Institutes, the ITS, took place and almost all of them had to do with sustainability and put technology at the service of a new vision of the world.

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Do we have the right to change the weather?

by Riccardo Luna

There was also one related to the shower, with an app that kindly tells you, if you’re overdoing it. As the professor who curates the event said, “we cannot waste the energy and talent of these kids” if we really want to make the ecological transition and change the world.

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