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The sequel is here! “Dusk Diver 2 Kunlun Smart” will be released this winter

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Game publisher Taiwan Jie Shi Deng announced that the second-generation sequel of the super-popular domestic game “Dusk Diver Unitary Flash Town” series developed by JERA Studios under Jingfeng International: “Dusk Diver Unitary Flash Town 2 Kunlun Smart” will be this winter Listed on PC, PS4 and Switch platforms.

“Dusk Diver You Shan Ding” uses Taipei’s Ximending as its game background. As an ordinary female high school student, Yang Yumo was accidentally involved in an emergency during an ordinary day of shopping in Ximending with friends. And from then on, an exciting and exciting chapter of adventure began. Since the game’s official launch on the three platforms in 2019, “Youthinking” has been highly supported by players all over the world. In addition to the Steam version being reviewed by players as “extremely acclaimed”, it has also been reviewed by the well-known Japanese video game magazine “Famitsu”. “Golden Palace” level game award.

In addition to making great achievements in the game industry, the production team of “Yousencho” is also actively cooperating with the animation industry. Last year coincided with the first anniversary of the game’s launch. The team specially announced that “Yousencho” will be the first to include digital comics. A series of chapters titled “Youshancho-Shadow of Eclipse” further expands the game IP market. The story background of the comic is a year after the final battle in the game “Youshancho”, at the time of the once-in-a-hundred-year solar eclipse, it revolves around a new chapter of adventure launched by Yang Yumo and the patron saints.

In the new work “Dusk Diver Yousencho 2 Kunlun Smart”, the protagonist Yang Yumo has graduated from high school and became a college freshman. Her voice acting will also be in charge of the popular Japanese voice actor Rina Sato. In addition, new characters and game elements will also be added to this game, bringing players an unprecedented experience. Although the development team has not yet announced the details of the game, many fans have already made a wish on the fan page for the content of the new game and left a message saying: “I thought DLC would be released, but I didn’t expect it to be released directly!”, “My big brother online banking!”


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