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The shoppingmania on the web breaks out: the data predict a boom in online sales at Christmas

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An overall growth of 15% in the third quarter of 2021, against the global average of 11% more than in the same period of 2020. The Italian figure for Shopping Index from Salesforce – survey involving over a billion consumers worldwide – shows that Italians’ propensity for digital shopping is not a trend that intends to slow down.

The need to shop on the web following the limitations imposed by the pandemic has turned into a habit that will positively affect Christmas purchases, starting as early as Black Friday scheduled for Friday 26 November.

Also according to the Salesforce Shopping Index, digital sales at Christmas will still exceed the trillion dollars (one thousand billion), despite a foreseeable increase in prices of up to 20% and the risks of a reduction in inventory.

Salesforce Shopping Index: Pay attention to the conversion rate

In detail, the 11% average global growth in purchases is a much higher value than the second quarter figure and proves even more relevant if we consider the trend in overall global traffic. The 2% reduction in traffic in the third quarter, compared to the 8% increase in the second quarter, shows that, in the face of some consolidation in the number of connections, browsing habits are even more focused on purchases.

But there is more: in Italy web traffic in the third quarter grew by 1%, a value that goes against the trend which shows that the “thirst for digital” in our country has not yet run out. Another evidence of the Shopping Index is the slight reduction in the volume of orders (-2%) against a 5% increase in orders from the mobile platform.

Another sign that distinguishes Italy is a conversion rate – ratio between traffic and orders – of 1.2%. One of the lowest values ​​in the world, which places Italy in the company of Spain and Latin America. The data, which can have various reasons, including the all-Latin habit of relying on proximity retailers, must encourage brands to do better in terms of digital marketing and interfaces.

Shopping online: retailers can do better

Italians buy online, therefore, but they could buy more. For this reason, brands should adopt strategies that take into account the peculiarities of individual countries. For example, the Salesforce Shopping Index tells us that ecommerce traffic generated by social media is 11% of the total, exceeding the overall average value by two percentage points. Again, Italy stands out for the device used: if in the world mobile commerce is done via tablet, in Italy the smartphone predominates (13% of the total).

It goes without saying that in order to “track down” the consumer, it is advisable to take advantage of the opportunities provided by social shopping and the best formats for viewing on small screens. The trends reported in the Salesforce Digital Trends Report provide further useful information on the directions to take. 56% of business managers on the Salesforce panel expect Cuban digital channels to more than 50% of revenue within a maximum of three years. Still, 79% of the interviewees maintain that, at the base of a successful relationship with their consumers, there must be a more complete vision of the context. This means maximum attention to the data generated by customers both inside and outside the company platforms. finally, 83% of marketers feel even more tied to technology in developing their strategies.

Ultimately, the conditions to make the online sales boom at Christmas are there. Despite a slight reduction in orders in the last two months of the year (-2%) and a possible increase in prices, it is expected to exceed one trillion in sales globally and an overall growth in digital commerce of 7% compared to the last two months of 2020.

For this reason, retailers must equip themselves with punctual and focused digital marketing strategies and, above all, they must be ready to use the best technologies. With the clear awareness that the goal must not be (only) to increase sales but, above all, to build a lasting relationship with the consumer.

Download the new Salesforce Digital Trends Report for free to align your business strategies with the latest trends.

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