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The silence on Covid and the vaccination campaign that doesn’t take off – breaking latest news

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The silence on Covid and the vaccination campaign that doesn’t take off – breaking latest news

The virus begins to spread again: in a month there have already been 900 deaths. But immunization, in a climate of disinterest and mistrust, is proceeding slowly even among the elderly

There is a ghost that wanders around Italy and, despite the invisibility and indifference of many, it is starting to claim more and more victims. Covid, of course, a well-known specter that raged through 2020, spreading terror, then returning to sleep. It never went away, in reality, but it limited its danger, also thanks to vaccines and a policy that dealt with it, with a thousand limitations and errors, but did not pretend nothing happened or deny the phenomenon.

And now? Now the government seems to pretend nothing happened. Faced with the intensification of the spread of the virus, he chose not to deal with it. Nothing surprising, given that the winning coalition was voted by many no vax, no mask, no lockdown and by many of those who, under the pretext of wanting to guarantee the rights and freedoms of Italians, denied the disease and deaths, accusing the vaccines of every evil, including sudden and mysterious deaths. The anti-vax disease has also hit the 5 Star Movement and it is sad to think back to Senator Bartolomeo Pepe, a nice and sensitive parliamentarian who up until the end defined Covid as ridiculous hysteria. Until, intubated at Cotugno in Naples, he was no longer able to speak and was overwhelmed by the disease.

The 5 Stars, in the meantime, have purged themselves of some too much dross of conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories, but the government has chosen not to do so entirely, at least if we consider the Commission of inquiry into the management of Covid, which has the aim of put on trial a ruling and political class (starting with Giuseppe Conte and former minister Giuseppe Speranza) who fought against the epidemic with their bare hands (making a lot of mistakes, of course, as often happens in politics). Michele Serra wrote in his Hammock that Covid lost the elections. A bitter paradox, which explains well this silence on Covid, even natural, after it has long been considered an invention of the health dictatorship, a perverse experiment of the New World Order to terrorize and domesticate peoples, a devious agent of Statism.

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And so here we are with nine hundred deaths this month alone. One bed in ten occupied by positive patients. There were almost three hundred deaths in the week between the 23rd and 29th. What is different about them, Serra asks, from those of a couple of years ago? Nothing, they are lifeless bodies, one after the other. The difference is that we don’t talk about it much. Because the virus has become endemic, at least in our heads, and the government does not want to make too much noise so as not to wake up the anti-vax electorate, always vigilantly waiting, to quote the reviled phrase used at the beginning of Covid by the ministry.

Two irreducibly antagonistic and irreconcilable points of view are weighed on these issues. Two conceptions of the world, of science, of politics. Take the issue of scholastic skills, which have collapsed everywhere. Most newspapers, agencies and newspapers have the headline: Covid effect. In the sense that the forced absence from schools caused by the epidemic has caused repercussions in performance and learning. For Libero, however, the lockdown effect, not Covid. In short, it is the fault of the medicine, not the disease. Moreover, Silvana De Mari, the anti-vax doctor struck off from the medical register, writes again in Verit. And unfortunately she hasn’t changed her ideas, if we can call them that. Her calm incipit to begin an argument is this: The lockdown was a crime against humanity.

It is therefore understandable why the vaccination campaign ended up under the radar and took up much less space than the safety alarm, which is not an alarm. A timid commercial on Rai was launched at the end of October, without much response (the highly contested one with Michele Placido, paid for by Pfizer, had more). The national vaccine coverage rate for those over 60 is 4.9%.

No one thought that winter would arrive, an unpredictable event, and therefore the increase in infections. Some soft appeals arrived from the ministry, but suffocated by what the technicians call vaccination fatigue: a mixture of intolerance towards the multiplication of doses (if the dose of the flu vaccine were counted every year, some would be on their thirtieth), misinformation, ignorance, distrust, skepticism. In short, almost the return of that hilarious and depressing Non ce n’ coviddi by Angela da Mondello, which accompanied us for a few months in 2020. However, a fertile humus for a stagnation of the campaign, which also has logistical problems, as he explains Gimbe, Nino Cartabellotta’s association: Delay in the delivery and widespread distribution of vaccines, insufficient and late involvement of pharmacies and general practitioners, failure to activate the active call of patients at risk, technical difficulties of the booking web portals. (For anyone wishing to find out more, Maria Giovanna Faiella wrote a handbook on everything there is to know today in the Corriere).

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Due to organizational difficulties, the start of administration announced for September was postponed by a month. On September 18, the health minister Orazio Schillaci announced, with fanfares and trumpets, new vaccines free for everyone. But his ministry, evidently not informed, continues to reserve free access only for those over 60 and the frail. Who, moreover, perhaps distracted or persuaded by no-science skepticism, do not take advantage of the opportunity.

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