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the solution against the recurrence of infections

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the solution against the recurrence of infections

A return at masks. This is the temporary solution suggested by the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza. A very necessary rule to follow if you look at the current situation in Italy.

It goes back up in fact the epidemiological curve. In the last few days a increase in positive cases throughout the peninsula and the data does not bode well. The virus Sars The 2 it does not stop its run despite the increase in temperatures. If we relied on a decrease in infections with the arrival of summer, we can only be disappointed. The new variants are running and spreading faster and faster.

The resurgence of infections it is in fact more and more marked from week to week and it is therefore necessary to go back to adopting anti-Covid regulations, just like the mask, as suggested by Rezza. Here is everything you need to know about infections and the solution offered by Rezza.

Covid, the infections date back: what is the current situation in Italy?

Still growing there epidemic curve in Italia. According to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health of 25 June they were 56.386 the new Covid cases recorded, against the 55,829 of June 24 but above all against the 34,978 of June 18. The processed swabs are equal to 258,456 with a positivity rate that falls from 23.5% to 21.8%. THE deaths registered were 40 (against 51 of June 24). Intensive therapies, on the other hand, remained stable at 225 places with 28 daily admissions. On the other hand, the number of patients with moles continues to increase ordinary departmentsonly on the day of 25 June were they registered 137 hospitalizations (against 141 of June 24)

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Then thetransmissibility index Rt that touches the 1,07, exceeding the threshold of unity. To understand the epidemiological picture it is important to know which variants they are more widespread in Italy to understand what the current situation is. If the latest investigations showed a decrease in infections caused by Omicron BA.1now below 1% and from Omicron 2 (BA.2), a increase per Omicron BA.2.12.1per Omicron 4 e Omicron 5 (BA.5). It is precisely this latter variant that drives the infections: according to the latest ISS data, it has in fact passed from 23,1% last week at 34,4% according to the updated data as of 23 June.

Covid, the infections date back, the solution: return to the masks

For the first time since April, thetransmissibility index beyond the epidemic threshold, as emerged from the data collected by the ISS and the Ministry of Health on Covid. The picture that emerges from the data and from the bulletins is by no means reassuring, according to the latest data no region is at low risk.

And it is precisely on the basis of this framework that experts can only invite citizens to be prudent. As difficult as it is to have to deal with the heat and protective devices, it is important to protect yourself by trying to avoid the spread of Omicron variants. Based on what is known about the new subvariants, it is not yet possible to establish whether the infections caused by these are associated with an increase in the severity of symptoms.

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Based on these data, given the high rate of viral circulation, it was the same director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza to provide the first solution: a massive return to the use of the mask during a gathering.

It should be remembered that the risk of transmission of the infection can be reduced by using masks, especially in the presence of large groups of people, and at the same time protecting the most fragile and elderly people with the additional booster dose.

A warning that not only invites us not to lower the threshold of attention – especially on holidays – but which reminds us how the pandemic is not yet over.

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