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the solution is warm water. The innovative therapy in Naples

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Rezum is the name of the innovative heat treatment that uses water vapor for the minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy. Developed in the USA, it has been in use in Europe for some years. In Campania, the urology unit of the Colli di Napoli company led by Francesco Uricchio is leading the way.

“Rezum, this is the name of the treatment – ​​explains Prof. Uricchio – was born as an alternative therapy to the surgical removal of the enlarged prostate. To date I have made 200 applications, including for many colleagues, and I will do it for myself too: it works very well and does not cause any complications. We intervene with a catheter under light sedation. A great innovation for the innovative management of benign prostatic hyperplasia”.

The therapy is applied with surgical methods and laser photo vaporization through a sterile disposable endoscopic system, equipped with a very thin curved needle, which – under local anesthesia – is introduced into the urethra by injecting the steam generated by a special device into the prostate tissue at a precise pressure, for about 9 seconds. The advantage is the full preservation of erectile function. “A precise system with practically no complications related to the procedure”, Uricchio points out.

The procedure can be repeated several times, depending on the volume and conformation of the prostate.

Monaldi is the only structure in Campania where the method is carried out which offers lasting results in 95% of cases, does not involve significant complications and does not require hospitalisation. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease with advancing age: it affects 43% of men over 70 and 75% of men over 80. Symptoms threaten the quality of life of those who suffer from it – such as sexual impairment and urinary incontinence. There is a pharmacological therapy for patients with mild symptoms, but when they get complicated it was until now necessary to resort to surgery or other laser treatments.

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