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The startup studio that creates companies inspired by samurai. The Mamazen model

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The startup studio that creates companies inspired by samurai.  The Mamazen model

Just a few days ago Orangogo, a startup that developed a search engine dedicated to sports activities, closed a round worth 1.5 million. Orangogo, together with Morsy and Inpoi, are the three innovative companies created by Mamazen, a startup studio (a startup factory) based in Turin and operational since 2018.

Venture capital

In the first three months of 2022, 365 million were invested in Italian startups

by Alessio Nisi

Founded by Alessandro Mina e Alessandro Farhad Mohammadi, respectively 40 years and 45 years. Mamazen is a venture startup builder who has set itself the goal of creating 15 active startups on the market in 5 years.

In April, H1, the holding company of the company, announced the first closing of 1 million and 650 thousand euros, which were added to 750 thousand euros previously collected by the company, for a total of 2.4 million euros that will be invested in the Mamazen startups. With this operation, the Colombian investment fund Asiri also officially joined the group, intervening for the first time in the European market by betting on Italy and on the model of the Startup Studio created by Mamazen.

Vento presents the new startups to investors

The samurai model. Because

Hence the model. “A startup studio – explained Alessandro Farhad Mohammadi – is above all a method that allows you to industrialize the process of creating startups and to mitigate and measure the risk. Mamazen is a venture startup builder, who builds startups in a logic of exiting “. Then Japan and the love of the founders for the land of the Rising Sun.

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“Mamazen – revealed Alessandro Mina – is a euphonic term. Inside there is also our desire to be a mother for startups, with the term “zen” we wanted to refer to a sense of order and cleanliness “. The process of creating a startup is this: the ideas are validated internally by the working group with market studies, then when the idea has passed through this phase, and only at that moment, thea company goes in search of the key figures to compose the team. Mamazen he declined this process by also giving it a name, “samurai”.

Farhad Mohammad explained in particular: “Starting a startup is something complex and involves sacrifice”. Then there is also a certain approach to teamwork. “You must have an efficient and multidisciplinary team, each with strong experience in their own field”.

Startup News

Automotive, Reefilla closed a round led by Motor Valley Accelerator

by Alessio Nisi

You can read on the website and it is also a bit of a summary of the concept: “The samurai advances every day: today he becomes more skilled than yesterday, tomorrow more skilled than today. Growth never ends. Mamazen is a unique samurai of which we are the feet and eyes, hands and katana.

This samurai walks towards a goal: to grow day by day by improving the world he crosses ”. He means to have a team made up of different people with characteristics, skills, sectors of use and variegated points of view who, however, want the same thing and fight for it. “The real victory – we read again – is the one that brings everyone to the finish line”.

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Yeah but the startups? All this translates into a percentage: 40%, or the success rate of startups created in a startup studio, compared to 5% of traditional ones. In short, a startup studio has a lower failure rate. “Three times lower than the average,” Farhad Mohammad pointed out.


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Startup Studio, The numbers

To date, there are around 600 startup studios around the world. According to the reports made by Gssn in 2020 and Studiohub in 2021, the two main international startup studio communities, the success rate of startups produced by a venture builder, another name with which studios are indicated, moves in a range between 35% and 70%, while traditional startups, according to Forbes, fail in 90% of cases.

If in other countries the startup studio is a consolidated structure, in Italy it is not: Mamazen has succeeded in the challenge of importing a model focused on the fast scalability of a selected number of projects with a high strategic impact that allows the creation of a portfolio from scratch. of quality and low-risk startups.

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