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The story of Francesca Guacci: “I didn’t want children, I had my fallopian tubes removed”

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The story of Francesca Guacci: “I didn’t want children, I had my fallopian tubes removed”

The would-be mothers who at this very moment are jumping through hoops to obtain with the help of science what nature did not want to grant them with a simple sexual intercourse, can only shiver when reading the story of Francesca Guacci, a 28 year old from Padua, fitness influencer very popular on social media for her activity as a sports trainer.

Francesca has chosen the opposite path compared to those many who have so desired a child, to take the difficult path of artificial insemination. A long, complicated, expensive and painful path that does not necessarily ensure the success of the company.

Francesca is not that kind of woman, she is not even the kind that at a certain point in her life feels the hands of the biological clock tick and, if she has the right partner next to her, she no longer pays attention during intercourse and waits. that the happy event takes place.

You have and have always had within you a truth with a completely different sound, which vibrates outside this orchestra that for centuries has been playing one of the most beautiful symphonies in the world: the dream of a new life.

She is a soloist and … she doesn’t want children. She doesn’t want any now and she didn’t want any 5 years ago when she decided to undergo bilateral salpingectomy, which is the surgical removal of both fallopian tubes. A surgical procedure that can be performed under general anesthesia and through laparoscopy. An operation that is generally recommended by doctors only in cases that are risky for a woman’s health, or when she is in the presence of infections or carcinomas.

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Francesca Guacci had none of this, she is indeed the image of health and well-being, but she still chose to have her tubes removed because she will never want to be a mother. She defined her decision as “an act of love” and in these days she wanted to make her story public so that other women could confront her or not feel marginalized in any way if she were on her side. of her own shore of hers.

“I know that I could not give them the time, attention and space they deserve”, are the words of Francesca dedicated to the children she has chosen not to have.

She struggled to complete her project, because not all the structures proved willing to meet her. She was young, very young, 5 years ago. A 23-year-old who might have changed her mind over time, the doctors must have thought. “Even after I came of age I felt thwarted. – Francesca says today – My gynecologist and the various doctors I turned to did not want to provide me with the necessary information and always considered me too immature for such a choice”.

But no one convinced her to give up. She continued in her intent, she completed her project (the intervention then took place in a structure in the Verona area) and now she has made it public on social media.

So many oppositional comments, even insults. But that was to be expected. Nothing moves her: “It was not a superficial choice, but reasoned, very lucid – comments today Francesca – I have never had any regrets”.

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