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“The Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin” introduces “Luffyin”, “Marilis” and the new occupation information “Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin”

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“The Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin” introduces “Luffyin”, “Marilis” and the new occupation information “Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin”
SQUARE ENIX and KOEI TECMO Games Team NINJA jointly developed the action role-playing game “Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin” scheduled to be launched on March 18th. “Marilis” and the introduction of new job information.

Soldiers will keep the memory of the battle deep in their hearts—

The land of Cornelia is shrouded in “Darkness of Chaos”.

Jack joins Jade and Ash on a journey to defeat the source of darkness, Chaos.

Following the strong desire to conquer Chaos in their hearts, the group seeks to fight and defeat monsters in succession.

In the end, everyone gradually regarded them as the savior in the prophecy and placed high hopes on them.

However, an unexpected truth awaits them.

This work not only has an orthodox action system that uses a variety of actions to smash the enemy, the familiar career system of the “FF” series, etc., but also experience the RPG elements of collecting weapons and customizing and cultivating characters, and includes a variety of difficulties. , players can enjoy a variety of game experience.

When the crystals regain their brilliance, will there be peace, or a new darkness? Or is it……


Voice Cast:???

  • “Are you the ones who disturbed my Marilys’s sleep!”

Chaos of Fire. Marilys uses her 6 arms to launch powerful physical attacks in succession. He will play Jack and others between applause with quick movements such as slapping the long tail. “Petrification Gaze” is a line-of-sight attack that causes petrification, so you must be very careful.

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    “Everyone is made up of their own memories accumulated bit by bit”

Characters who have spoken to in Jack’s fragmentary memory. Wearing strange clothes, it is impossible to read true feelings from his words and deeds.

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    What is Jack’s relationship to the Rufein who gave him the crystal?Outside the icy white room is an endless golden grassland

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    The crystals held by Jack et al seem to have had some function

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    Jed talking in the prairie. Has Jack ever been here with him?

career system

You can switch between two professions instantly during battle. And you can formulate various tactics according to the combination of occupations. The highest-level professions have their own inherent actions with strong characteristics, which can be customized by combining with other professions or equipment to exert their true strength.

Highest floor occupation

imagedark Knight

A class that releases high firepower attacks when dying. The inherent action “Darkness” can cause additional dark damage to the enemy while sacrificing HP and MP. As long as you are willing to pay enough price, the attack power is the highest of all occupations.

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imageVoid Knight

A class that can block the enemy’s magical attacks and convert them into power. When you activate the inherent action “Sword of Sealing Demons”, you can enter the defensive state of expanding the magic circle, offset the magic attack received and charge the magic circle. The accumulated power can restore MP, or turn this power into a slash and activate it.

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A class that can develop various tactics using the inherent action “Ninjutsu”. Using the special “Ninja Item”, you can pin down the enemy or put it into an abnormal state without consuming MP. Ninja props can be replenished at the base of exploration – Halo.

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    Action abilities not only greatly reduce the enemy’s BREAK gauge, but also reduce the upper limit of the gauge. The more you reduce the upper limit of the BREAK scale, the easier it is to BREAK enemies and unleash Soul Blast on them, while also restoring MP


Gorge Volcano

A dangerous volcano, not only lava blocks the way, but also accumulates gas that will explode when it encounters fire attribute magic. It’s hard to get to the top of the mountain unless the lava eruption is stopped.

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Tower of the Ancients

A white building with a strange atmosphere. There are some creepy traps inside, such as structures that lock up things that enter them, and pots that float around in the air, and more.

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Devil’s Sea of ​​Trees

A dense sea of ​​trees at the foot of a volcano. The faint moonlight shines into the sea of ​​trees, and the air like miasma and poisonous gas can be seen floating here. Venomous plants and vine-covered walls will block the way.

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