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The strongest hero is here! “Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle” × “One Punch Man” is jointly decided! -funglr Games

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Mobile puzzle RPG game hosted by GungHo“Dragon Puzzle”(Puzzle & Dragons) has gained a lot of popularity recently
The game has always adhered to the initial playability and continued to evolve, and it will usher in February next year.10th Anniversary.The game has also recently competed with comic magazines“Magazine All-Stars”as well as“Gold All-Star”Make a joint ride.

The day before“Puzzle and Dragons Official Broadcast-Broadcast at the end of 2021-“The activity information from the end of the year and the beginning of the year and the news of a joint ride with one of the strongest male protagonists are released!
Dragon JigsawדOne Punch Man”(One Punch Man) joint ride decision!

The joint event of Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle and “One Punch Man” is decided!

Official Broadcasting of the Dragons-End of 2021 Broadcasting-

The target of the Dragon Jigsaw puzzle is the strongest male protagonist.“One Punch Man”
Characters on stage include“Saitama”“Jenos”“The trembling tornado”“Sonic Sonic”“Hellly snowstorm”“Unlicensed Knight”“Silver Fangs”“Metal bat”“Sexy Prisoner”“Vest Master”“Ihe Iron”“Lightning Max”“Snake Bite Fist”“Deep Sea King”“Poros”
This time, the lineup of joint roles can be said to be very luxurious, and surprises come and go!

 “One Punch Man” joint special website

In addition, during the multi-ride event, players can get“Saitama who sees heroes as hobbies”As a login reward!
I believe there will be more activity information to be disclosed in the future, please pay close attention!

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During the eventDecember 27, 2021 (Monday) 10:00 (Japan time)January 10, 2022 (Monday) 9:59 (Japan time)until!

Saitama for login rewardsOfficial Broadcasting of the Dragons-End of 2021 Broadcasting-

Twitter activity in progress!

Twitter activityOfficial Broadcasting of the Dragons-End of 2021 Broadcasting-

To cope with this joint ride, Twitter is also holding a special event!
Just specifyDragon Puzzle Official Account( @pad_sexy )’S post like it, you can get a gashapon!

Post got50,000Like to get“Open reminder! One-punch Manga rides a gashapon”1 time; get100,000If you like it, you can get“★One Punch Manga Gacha with 7 or more confirmed”1 time!The posts specified by the event will be held on the day of the event12:00(Japan time) On One Punch Man official Twitter account@pad_sexyPublic, friends who haven’t tracked their accounts, hurry up!

Detailed information such as the evolutionary images of the characters in the joint ride can be found on the special website of the “Dragon Puzzle” joint ride!
In addition, the summary of the year-end and start-up activities in the previous live broadcast can also be watched in the Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle Broadcast ~ 2021 Year-end Broadcast ~!


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