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The students occupy the gymnasium of Antonietti in Iseo

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Today around 1.30 pm, about a hundred students from the technical institute Antonietti di Iseo have decided to occupy the gymnasium of their school. “The choice was made following the decision taken by the authorities, and communicated with minimum notice, to use the building for the construction of the vaccination hub for the lower Sebino area»Let the students know through a press release.

And they add, through the words of Gilberto Genesi, representative of the Antonietti school: “We are absolutely not protesting the vaccination campaign in itself, the success of which we believe to be fundamental to tackle the pandemic – declares -. What we do not accept is to be subjected to blackmail between the right to health and the right to education, since taking away our gym means denying us a substantial part of our school experience ».

For its part, the Municipality of Iseo he distances himself from the protest demonstration, and at the same time undertakes to find a solution as soon as possible to find suitable spaces for the physical activity of the boys and for Iseo Basketball. “I dissociate myself from this manifestation – remarks the mayor Marco Ghitti -. Who manifests does not understand what the gravity of the situation is at this moment, it is necessary to vaccinate to prevent another wave caused by the new variants blocking us again ».

And he adds: «In the city council I declared that, together with the principal Diego Parzani of the Antonietti institute, we were finding alternative solutions for the children’s physical activity. In the next few days I hope to also solve the problem of the Iseo Basket».