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the successes and the revolution after the Covid-breaking latest news

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the successes and the revolution after the Covid-breaking latest news

He was found lifeless in his home in Cuneo. The life of Luca Bergia, historic founder and drummer of Marlene Kuntz, 54 years old, ended up right where his story with the Piedmontese rock group began. He left without making too much noise. As he used to do. The causes of death remain to be clarified, which leaves all hypotheses open, including that of suicide.

Reserved and methodical, Bergia had decided to retire from the music scene at the end of 2020 and since then, he had chosen to teach science at the middle schools of Madonna dell’Olmo and Chiusa di Pesio, small schools in the province of Granda. A choice that he had also wanted to communicate to the fans of the group. He had done it before stopping playing with a post on social media. Then he had disappeared from the scene. He had chosen to teach even after overcoming Covid. A way to change your life.

Originally from the capital of the Granda, since he was a boy Luca Bergia had demonstrated an exceptional talent on drums and percussion, combining his great passion for music with a love for biological sciences. In 199 the birth of the original nucleus of Marlene Kuntz, formed by Bergia and the guitarist Riccardo Tesio. They met regularly with other musician friends at Bergia’s house. In the winter of that year, bassist Franco Ballatore joined the group and they found a rehearsal room in Confreria di Cuneo.

In 1989, the entry into the band of the singer and guitarist Cristiano Godano, then frontman of the rock group, author of the finished texts in the masterpiece album «Catartica» (1994), who launched them on the main national stages. A long and brilliant career that had led him to play live in hundreds of concerts and to release ten studio albums, the last one recorded in 2016 (“Long wait”). From there, for the first time, a European club tour in Paris, Brussels, London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Italy, with participation in the May Day concert in Rome.

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In between, many exhibitions throughout Italy and abroad and the Sanremo 2012 competition with the song «Song for a son», collaborations with Patti Smith, Skin, Howie B, Rob Ellis, Greg Cohen, Paolo Conte, at the Venice Biennale and Teatro Stabile in Turin. He leaves behind his family, his sons Tommaso and Alessandro and two brothers, Elisabetta and Antonello.

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