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The Summer Diet: Foods to Avoid for a Lighter Digestion

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The Summer Diet: Foods to Avoid for a Lighter Digestion

Avoid These Foods in the Summer Heat

During the summer period, especially in the weeks where it is hotter and there is the classic heatwave, the appetite sometimes fails because our body requires a different diet and one that is less heavy than in the other months of the year. Here, above all, this is the secret: to avoid certain foods that can weigh down the digestive process.

Sausages and cured meats
Much loved by millions of Italians, certainly the summer and when it’s hotter it is not recommended to consume cured meat generally. Both for their composition but also for the components that contain some parts of fat, certainly not light foods. To be precise, the sausages are those cured meats made from minced meat and then placed in natural or synthetic casings.

Avoid fries
As food experts explain, very fatty foods are hardly digestible because “they remain in the stomach and intestines for too long causing drowsiness, tiredness, fermentation and intestinal swelling”. The heat causes a slower and more difficult digestive phase and it is for this reason that we must especially avoid fried food, preferring simpler, fresher and low-fat foods.

Sugary drinks
Contrary to what one might think, drinks with sugar are harmful because even if the initial effect is refreshing, later sugars and sweeteners can be harmful, increasing the risk of dehydration but also because they do not create any nutritional benefits for our body. Often, then, this type of drink contains colorants, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

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Carbonated drinks
A similar situation to the one just described also concerns carbonated drinks because they are able to cause a sharp increase in calories in addition to stomach bloating. Cases of increased obesity are not remote if they are taken with constancy and regularity: in summer, therefore, the effect can be worse on the hottest days, especially if used instead of water.

Also in this case, we are dealing with liquids, among the worst enemies of the summer heat there are alcohol: if it is true that they go consumed in moderation all year round, even more so in the days of heatwaves they can be harmful to our body. Not only are they not thirst-quenching but they cause a faster process than dehydration and they also increase the sensation of warmth in our body due to the high caloric intake they have.

Frozen drinks
Also in this case we must pay close attention: drinks containing ice inside them can hurt if drunk when we are hot or fast. “The sudden cooling induced by the drink can considerably reduce the functionality of the digestive system, causing congestion. The characteristic symptoms are: stomach cramps, cold sweats, sudden pallor, nausea, and vomiting”, explain the experts.

Spicy foods
Foods that are too spicy can exacerbate the feeling of heat and should be avoided in the summer, with the exception, however, of chili pepper and ginger which, like mint, have beneficial effects on blood circulation.

Red meats
Summer is the enemy of red meats among which are included those of bovine, ox, cow, and horse to name a few examples: also in this case, they must be avoided in order not to excessively increase calories and the quantity of saturated fats.

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Watch out for the salt
Nutritionists preach it 365 days a year but it is also and above all true when the heat does not let up: we need to eliminate the sale or limit its use because it retains liquids and dehydration can occur. In any case, it is always better to use the iodized one.

Hot dog
They are delicious and tasty but they are not a recommended food in the summer. It’s about “processed foods and consequently are full of saturated fats, preservatives and lots of salt, for this reason they are high in protein: in addition to being difficult to digest, they make you very thirsty”.

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