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the surprising greetings from Fazio

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The talk show closes its doors, from next year it will move to Nove: what happened in the last episode

The last episode of was broadcast on Sunday 28 May What’s the weather like are Rai Tre. The end, an era closes, that of Fabio Fazio to Rai. “Heartfelt thanks for these 40 beautiful years, thanks to everyone, to my friends and colleagues. Seriously, have a good life everyone.” with these simple words the journalist from Savona took his leave of Rai, Greetings in some surprising ways. A few more words were expected, perhaps even controversy. But nothing, the usual calmness, almost as if he were finishing a normal episode. Also because already during the episode his guests took care of hacking Rai and the political subdivision of the state TV which, in fact, caused the exit from the CTCF schedule.

Luciana Littizzetto’s letter to Rai and the jab at Salvini

Along the episode there were exciting and even controversial moments. There was the interview with Anthony Hopkins (a real gem), hosted by Mengoni and Elodie (another gem), Fazio’s curious and interesting chat with Aurelio De Laurentiis and the last show of Luciana Littizzetto which closed with a bang by addressing a letter to Mamma Rai.

Dear Rai, you who started with a canal and now you have more than Venice. You who have Tg1, Tg2 and, for now, Tg3 too. You who no longer have the Annunziata. Here we are at the end of our relationship. We have stood up to seven governments. They were truly beautiful years, full of joy, hard work, great ratings, important guests. Every year we hit some shit and you moved channels, but we resisted: above all thanks to our millions of viewers who love us. Dear Rai, for me you are not the political party that governs you, you are Enzo Biagi, Mike Bongiorno, Piero and Alberto Angela, Pippo Baudo, Renzo Arbore, my beloved Raffaella – and the list goes on -. You leave me extraordinary memories, and also I’m idiot Fabio, which I will have to take “to the test of the nine”. Thanks to Fabio for all these years together. The only presenter who hits him if he gets bad results, and if he gets excellent results, hits him twice as much. Dear Rai, let’s remain friends, who knows if one day we will meet again, in a different Italy, where freedom is respected. In an Italy where a minister doesn’t care about what an acrobat does. Don’t forget that public service belongs to everyone, to those who govern and to those who think otherwise”.

Finally, the jab at Salvini: “Ps Nice bye”.

Michele Serra’s lunge

At the opening of the episode, Fazio was greeted in the studio by a standing ovation. Then he immediately gave the floor to the journalist and writer Michael Serra who struck very hard blows on the politiciansexplaining that the history of Rai “it is made up of people and programmes, but also of political interference”.

Serra hit hard on the subdivision of state TV, unleashing the weapon of sarcasm mixed with irony: “Today if Topo Gigio were back on the air, everyone would wonder which party he belongs to. And if the Quartetto Cetra returns, let it be clear that, of the four, one must be a Melonian, one from the Northern League, one from the Grillo and the fourth from the Democratic Party. Then that grillino and that of the Democratic Party cancel each other by arguing with each other, and thus the Cetra duet becomes, solidly governmental “.

Then the frontal attack on the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano. “At Rai there are the Stalinists”, the minister had told CTCF in unsuspecting times. Michele Serra took up those words, commenting on them as follows: “We wonder how difficult it was for him to survive when he was director of Tg2: did they keep him locked up in a dungeon?. He talks about bad weather, recriminatory and petty. If I were right-wing I’d be worried, because they’ll think I work in Rai not because I’m good but because I’m right-wing. Just think that even the director of Isoradio – traffic news – is appointed by the party. We must remember that Rai belongs to the state, not to the parties”.

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