Home Health The surveyors’ gymnasium is inaccessible, five Rieti sports clubs are victims of bureaucracy

The surveyors’ gymnasium is inaccessible, five Rieti sports clubs are victims of bureaucracy

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The surveyors’ gymnasium is inaccessible, five Rieti sports clubs are victims of bureaucracy

RIETI – Two months without space to train and with a bureaucracy that still can’t put an end to the ordeal of five Rieti sports clubs dedicated to skating, basketball and volleyball. It’s the funnel into which the Volley Academyl’Olimpia Over 45l’Asd La Velocethe Fortitudo Rieti and theAsd Skating Rietiwho all together signed a joint statement to denounce the delays that, starting from September, they have been forced to face in order to try to use the surveyors’ gym in via Angelo Maria Ricci (formerly “Ciancarelli”, now merged with the institute ” Rosatelli”) between policies to be stipulated, adaptation works and answers that are still slow to arrive.

Endless bureaucracy. It all started due to the temporary closure of the PalaCordoni and the PalaSojourner, essential structures for the activity of the Rieti sports clubs therefore forced to look for new spaces within which to divide times and needs: “After having made a regular request in the ways and times indicated from the public administration, we are told that to access the gym you need to sign an agreement with the school which owns the structure, specifically the “Rosatelli” institute – the companies explain – And here comes the first problem: the e- The Province’s email with the assignments seems to have gotten lost along the way. In the end, the communication arrives, but a document needs to be signed with the school which provides for extra insurance that the Asds were not aware of. More days to take out the policy and then take possession of the gym: in the meantime we are already at the beginning of October. Policy done, what can prevent us from accessing it now? The school: and yes, because there is an inspection place to do to check if everything is in order. Are there jobs to be done and who does them? The province? The school? Or, alternatively, “Do it yourself and we’ll deduct the gym rent.” Done: new inspection of the school, or rather two, then three, because that of the official was missing. And we have reached today, two months after the date on which we should have entered the gym: work finished, site inspections done, what’s missing now? The e-mail of the manager of the Province who gives his favorable opinion on the work carried out”.

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The rebound. From the Province, however, the ball returns to the “Rosatelli” institute: “On November 21, the Province sent an e-mail to the school to communicate that the institution is awaiting a response from the school, in order to to determine whether the works carried out up to now are congruous, so that the structure can be used regularly both during school hours and in the afternoons – explains the president of the Province Mariano Calisse, joined by The messenger – The Province only carries out an analysis to meet the needs of sports clubs, but it is then the school that grants the gymnasium. If the institute responds to us, the Province will be able to sign the no impediment document”. It would therefore be necessary to put an end to this bureaucratic-sporting ordeal.

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