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The swine fever plan begins, includes 6 actions for 5 years – Healthcare

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The swine fever plan begins, includes 6 actions for 5 years – Healthcare

Minimum objective: harvest approximately 612 thousand wild boars in 2024, with an increase of over 96% compared to the average of killings between 2019 and 2021. This is foreseen by the ‘Extraordinary Plan for the capture, killing and disposal of wild boars and Strategic Actions for the Development of African Swine Fever Eradication Plans’. Published on the Ministry of Health portal, the plan has been notified to the Regions and includes 6 actions.

“The Regions will now have to apply it, guaranteeing the achievement of the objectives. They have already taken steps to establish the GOT, or territorial operational groups, which are delegated to apply the plan on the territory. We hope to make them all operational within a month”, he explains to ANSA the Extraordinary Commissioner Vincenzo Caputo, who developed the five-year plan (2023-2028).

The first of the strategic actions is the active search for infected animal carcasses and epidemiological monitoring. The second involves the depopulation of wild boars, which today number around one and a half million, through capture and culling, aiming to strengthen the meat supply chain of these animals, in some cases also providing for their charitable destination. Of the 612,000 culls, 113,000 must be carried out only in Tuscany, 58,000 in Piedmont, 52,000 in Emilia Romagna, 48,000 in Lazio, 44,000 in Umbria, 43,000 in Calabria, 42,000 in Liguria, 38,000 in Campania, 27,000 in Lombardy and Basilicata, 28,000 in Abruzzo, 13,400 in Veneto, 10,500 in Molise, 9,500 in Sicily, 9,100 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 4,000 in Puglia, 2,000 in Valle D’Aosta, 1,500 in Trento.

The third action is the application of biosecurity measures in pig farms to avoid the spread of the virus. The fourth is the positioning of preventive barriers with a view to containing infected populations to protect areas with a high density of intensive farming. This action also includes instructing the Regions to equip themselves with equipment to verify the presence of wild boars in the area, such as drones, photo traps and cameras.

Fifth action is correct waste management to prevent wild boars from finding sources of livelihood in urban centers and near pig farms. The latter involves the development of alternative methods for the containment of the species, so as to achieve depopulation in a non-bloody manner.

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