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The Terminator is coming!Arnold Schwarzenegger will debut “World of Tanks” annual finale event | T客邦

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Wargaming.net’s game “World of Tanks” officially released the official trailer for the annual finale event “2022 Festival Battle”, with the famous Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger as the event ambassador!

Over the past four years, the “World of Tanks” forums and social media have been full of turmoil, full of players’ hope to see Arnold in the game, and now fans’ dreams are about to come true!

The trailer released this time is about the story of the little boy Johnny and a letter, a letter that has not been delivered for nearly 30 years. Arnold finally received the message and knew what he should do. Arnold will take a helicopter to visit the little boy Johnny. What will happen when he arrives? Players are officially invited to find out the answer in the trailer!

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that this special event is a great experience working with the Wargaming team, and he believes that the players must also be quite excited. Arnold and tanks have a long history. At the age of 18, he had driven his own collection of tanks M-47 Patton in the Austrian army, so he fully understood the pleasure of commanding tanks in person.

Arnold has always seen players mentioning “World of Tanks” on Reddit for several years. I am very happy that the cooperation that fans and players are eager to see is finally practiced. Arnold said that the “2022 Holiday Campaign” is about to debut. If players want to spread the joy and festive atmosphere with him this year, they must not miss it.

The “Festival Battle” of “World of Tanks” has been a favorite activity of players for many years. It accompanies them to spend Christmas and New Year together. The player’s task is to decorate a game with a lot of decorations and other various styles of objects. A specially designed mountain town. By decorating the town, players will be able to increase the level of the atmosphere of joy, and every time they increase a level, players will be able to obtain a wealth of in-game items as rewards.


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