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The Therapeutic Benefits of Tidying Up Your Home

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Tidying Up Your Home

Tidying Up Your Home for Mental and Environmental Wellbeing

If you find yourself reaching for the cleaning supplies every time stress hits, you’re not alone. Research shows that organizing your home can have a profound impact on your mental well-being. Marie Kondo’s methods have gained popularity because creating order and tidiness at home can be a therapeutic experience.

Studies from the Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) at the University of California suggest that living in a clean and orderly environment is linked to healthier self-esteem and a more stable and positive mood. This is likely something you may have experienced firsthand.

Furthermore, a tidy home can also promote relaxation and better rest, making it a valuable practice for those who struggle with insomnia, asthma, or allergies. A clean and organized living space positively impacts overall well-being.

In addition to mental health benefits, living in an organized environment can also have a positive impact on the planet. IKEA integrates sustainability into the concept of order, offering products like the HÅLLBAR waste sorting solution, promoting recycling, and providing opportunities for reusing and repurposing furniture.

By embracing sustainable practices in the home, such as reusing, recycling, and reducing waste, individuals can contribute to a healthier planet while also fostering a sense of well-being.

Incorporating order and sustainability into your home can be as simple as implementing IKEA’s recycling and waste sorting solutions or repurposing old furniture. By valuing circularity and being mindful of the environmental impact of our living spaces, we can create a positive impact on both our mental and physical health, as well as the health of the planet.

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