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The Truth About Frankfurters: What You Need to Know Before Consuming

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The Truth About Frankfurters: What You Need to Know Before Consuming

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Here’s how they make a food you surely have in your fridge. After these revelations we’re sure you won’t eat any more!

Meat, just like fish and pasta is among those that are the foods at the base of the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet. A model that is recognized by nutrition experts as the best, the most valid when it comes to a healthy and varied diet.

Based on the Mediterranean diet it is possible to consume the right quantities of all products in order to obtain the correct balance of nutrients throughout the day. We recall in this regard that providing the right amount of food to the body also means giving it the energy needed to face daily commitments.

Obviously the alternation of foods remains important. The meat for example, is one of the main sources of protein for the organism. It provides mineral salts and iron, essential for well-being. In the food industry, it is used for the production of a number of foods including sausages, hamburgers, and also sausage.

Precisely the latter are an extremely discussed food. Greedy and versatile, it can be used in salads or to stuff hot dogs, but someone questions their quality, turning the spotlight on the methods used for their production.

How frankfurters are made

A well-known television program in unsuspecting times showed how frankfurters were produced. They are made from one meat puree which can be pork or chicken and turkey, which, after being seasoned with various flavorings, is stuffed into natural casings and then cooked in brine at high temperatures.

A process that leads to the production of thousands and thousands of frankfurters during the year, which are then distributed for sale in supermarkets in Italy and around the world. After discovering how this much-discussed food is produced, many viewers have underlined that in the end, there is nothing particularly disgusting as many believe.

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What is really important is to limit the consumption of foods of this kind to few and limited occasions and don’t make frankfurters the main food in your diet. It is an industrial product to which preservatives and additives essential to achieve the final result are added.

This inevitably results in a product that is not beneficial to the body if consumed on a large scale. Rich in salt, it can cause hypertension, as well as the accumulation of liquids. The general advice, in any case, is to eat it in limited quantities and after cooking.

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