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the vaccine arrives, after the increase in cases in Italy |

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the vaccine arrives, after the increase in cases in Italy |

Here comes the Dengue vaccine and works on four different types of viruses. TAK-003 – this is its name – is thethe only vaccine for the prevention of the disease approved in Italy. The final approval came from AIFA, the Italian drug agency. There will be two injections, with an interval of three months between each other and you must be at least 4 years old.

Vaccination can generally be done at the Institutes of Tropical Diseases present in several Italian hospitals. You need a medical prescription and in this case you pay a copay to the national health service. There exists the possibility of getting vaccinated also at private clinics, but the cost is high, just under 200 euros. A figure that must be doubled, because the injections are two, three months apart from each other.

Since last February 14th the alert has also grown in our country, so much so that the Ministry of Health asked the maritime, air and border health offices to check vehicles and goods arriving from countries where the Dengue risk is high or endemic.

Vaccine against Dengue: Italy Country most affected in Europe by tropical diseases

The arrival of this new vaccination was particularly awaited, after theincrease in cases of this disease in our country. Indeed, a European study has shown how Italy is the most affected country by the presence of mosquitoes which transmit various once tropical diseases, such as Dengue. To give an example, regarding the Nile fever60% of all diagnoses made in the Old Continent are Italian.

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Climate change is one of the main reasons. Some Italian regions now have the same temperatures as many tropical locations where Dengue is an endemic disease. The infection of Dengue occurs through mosquito bites such Aedesincluding the tiger mosquito which has been present in our territory for years.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Dengue is also often called bone-crushing fever, precisely because high fever and severe bone and muscle pain are the main manifestations of the disease. It is dangerous in one case out of twenty. Let us remember once again that it is not transmitted from human to human, but through mosquito bites.

The main symptom is the very high fever that appears 5-6 days after the bite of mosquitoes. Among other events:

very severe headache, acute pain in the eye area, nausea, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, skin rashes.

Some people are forced to seek hospital care. According to the World Health Organization, it is among the 10 threats to global health and is endemic in over 125 countries, with more than half of the world‘s population affected. After all, the data speaks of a 30-fold growth in cases over the last fifty years. In recent months there have been hundreds of diagnoses in our country. The most affected region is Lombardy.

Dengue vaccine very useful because there is no specific cure

L’Higher Institute of Health explains that there is no specific treatment for Dengue. In most cases people recover completely in two weeks. Treatments to support recovery consist of absolute rest, use of drugs to reduce fever and administration of fluids to the patient to combat dehydration. In some cases, tiredness and depression can persist for a few weeks.

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