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The virus halves admissions to the gym. On the other hand, the expenses for bills increase

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Semi-deserted gyms, but skyrocketing bills. A bitter start of the year for the owners and employees of sports facilities, literally emptied of the Omicron variant.

“We have a hell of a first quarter ahead of us – is the comment of Nicola Vitali of Activa which manages several swimming pools in the city and in the province – we have suspended courses for children and adults until 10 January, the biggest fear will come after that date”.

Also agrees Daniele Bavagnoli of Acrobatic Fitness: “Consider that we normally register 1000 entries a day: today we do a maximum of 600 – he explains – we work only halfway. This is also why we suspended several courses up to the 15th, about 30 per cent, because they cannot be activated with very few people. Clearly, our personnel are also affected by the situation: in the last 10 days we have been down by about 40 percent “. On the bills front, Bavagnoli speaks of “appalling increases in heating costs”.

To put the figures in black and white is Camilla Lusardi of Le Club: “The last gas bill had almost tripled: we are talking about about 10 thousand euros – he says – we record 50 per cent less in entrances”.

Alla Yama Arashi di Gianfranco Rizzi the staff did not suffer any drops due to infections and quarantines: “For now everything is fine – he declares – we have also maintained our business, with a little less turnout”.

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