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The VR version of “Resident Evil 4” embarrassing female players: always bumping into the chest, they are bruised

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Recently, Capcom launched the VR version of “Resident Evil 4” on Oculus Quest 2. In order to open up new markets and popularize more audiences, this version deleted some sexually suggestive content including dialogue in the original game.

Some players worry that deleting some content will affect the game, but for now, the response of the game is pretty good. For old players, they will definitely like to play the original or remake version of “Resident Evil 4”.

After the VR version of “Resident Evil 4” was released, there were some game experience problems. This is because Capcom did not pay attention to some possible problems in the operation of VR games during the transplant, which caused a small number of female players to cause trouble.

On a recent foreign forum Reddit, female player ElleannaTheBold posted that she found herself in a dilemma when she was playing the VR version of “Resident Evil 4”. In the game, Capcom failed to do a good job of grasping the chest-fitting items, which caused the female player to let the handle hit the chest when reaching for the item. The player said that it had caused the appearance of bruises.

Based on his own experience, the player gave suggestions for improvement, suggesting that the VR version of Resident Evil 4 developers design an option that allows players to set the body shape and size, allowing players to adjust according to the actual situation to avoid embarrassing situations.

In fact, it’s not just that ElleannaTheBold encountered operational problems. Many female players said in their comments that they encountered similar problems. When operating the game to retrieve items, it was more like “grabbing yourself”.

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At present, there are many female players in the VR version of Resident Evil 4, and Capcom should make changes as soon as possible based on the reported situation to improve the operating experience of female players.

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