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the weekly diet by eating what you like!

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This diet per lose weight a super tasty menu. Here we propose one diet weekly which will enable you to lose up to 2 kg in 7 days.

In addition to what is indicated in the diet weekly, you have to remember start lunch and dinner with 250 g vegetables. In addition, two servings must be consumed every day 150 g of fresh fruit, also in the form of a smoothie, for example as a snack or after meals. Is 5-10 g of chocolate dark. Maybe for breakfast, a snack or at the end of a meal.


– Breakfast: 1 cup of hot chocolate; 5 shortbread biscuits (50 g) with a light surface, less than 10% fat, 20% simple sugars, 0.3% salt and more than 6% fiber.

– Lunch: pasta carbonara.

– Price: 100 g of baked salmon; 120 g sauteed cabbage; 80 g of cereal bread.


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