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The world of sport and Braid medicine in mourning for the death of Pino Palmieri – Targatocn.it

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The world of sport and Braid medicine in mourning for the death of Pino Palmieri – Targatocn.it

“There are many messages of condolence and moved words in these hours for the disappearance of Dr. Palmieri, Pino. Bra mourns a man of sport and social commitment, the hockey world and the Red Cross lose a reference figure for our city. We are close to the family “.

The mayor of Bra Gianni Fogliato chose Facebook to remember Dr. Giuseppe Palmieri, for all Pino, who under the Zizzola was well known as a doctor and sportsman. The man with a big heart and infinite human resources was 74 years old, which he translated into many solidarity initiatives, as president of the local section of the CRI.

Let’s start from this soul of his with the thought that, still on social media, he wanted to express Erika Cagliero dell’Aghav Bra: “Life is a journey that allows you to make us meet many people on your way. I am honored to have met and collaborated with Dr. Palmieri in all these years. In addition to being a competent doctor, he was a generous man, always cheerful, helpful and above all human. We will all miss him “.

Thus the Trustee of the Slow Food Convivium of Bra, Gianni Milanesio: “I met Pino Palmieri as a doctor of the Locomotive Depot of Turin, when one day as a driver I felt unwell. I found out later that we lived in the same city ”. Yes, because among all other things, he was former medical assistant of the State Railways and airport doctor of Cuneo-Levaldigi.

Speaking of Palmieri’s sporting profile are Braidese hockey fans, players and managers who shared the joy of so many successes with him. We chose the post of Renato Sirigu published on hockeylove.it: “Pino Palmieri a man of heart betrayed by his very heart. He passed away this morning (Sunday 27 February, ed), at 7. It was a moment. He fought to the last against a series of ailments that undermined the resistance of his generous heart as a true hockey player. He had proved it once again by going to Rome to announce the new Italrosa coach. The sense of responsibility is stronger than taking care of his health. No one has ever done as much as he did for Braid hockey. Even though he was a Roman and loved Genoa like few Genoese. Former blue, vice president of the FIH had guaranteed the renewal of the FIH, in the 2000s no one won as much as he in Italy with his HC Bra, but these are details. He was Pino Palmieri a righteous, just, passionate and generous man like no one. Pino, my friend, you will always stay with us “.

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And then there are the moved thoughts of old friends, those like Beppe Roveraa long-time journalist, who describes him with great affection and lucidity: “I feel great sadness for the death of Giuseppe Palmieri, a doctor from Bra, a friend of a distant time, who has always remained a point of reference and still in difficult moments. Pino had a sensitive heart, expertise to sell, availability towards the least protected. Diabetologist, he had a real passion for caring for people and a great desire to make his contribution in the segments of society that most involved him, from the health officer to the sports doctor. A highly specialized graduate from Sapienza University of Rome, he made his knowledge and unstoppable energy available to everyone. For me he was a friend when he accompanied my mother in the terminal phase of the disease, when she mourned my brother who died on a motorbike, when he tried to relieve my father the pain of an excruciating end. But also when, together, we were able to enjoy many peaceful moments. I also had him as a guest on TV talking about the environment and health. We had lost sight of each other in recent years; but the news of his death now recalls memories, rekindles barely dormant feelings, induces deep nostalgia “.

Pino Palmieri leaves a great void, filled by many other messages of friendship and condolence to the family in which all the closeness to Ornella and to her children Alfredo and Irma is expressed. The funeral rite will be celebrated in a strictly private way.

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The last farewell is that of the city councilor Maria Giovanna Milazzo: “Hi Pino, ‘you are’ Bra … for what you did for the people of Bra”.

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