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“The worst is over, but the vaccine for under 12 is essential”

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“In the autumn I don’t think we will have the pressure of last year because the people most at risk of having a bad disease are vaccinated” he told Sky Tg24 Massimo Galli, director of the infectious diseases clinic of the Sacco hospital in Milan, guest of «Buongiorno». “But we will still have many more infections than you think because many are becoming infected asymptomatically, like young people. The virus it’s circulating a lot, too much. Even if the worst is over for a country like this, “he explained.

Delta variant, Galli between vaccines and third dose

“The vaccine for the under 12s it is fundamental because, with the reopening of schools, diffusion among children acts as an element of incoercible diffusion. In other words, without having vaccinated the entire population, including children, the possibility of containing the phenomenon becomes complicated ”, he continued. “Then, it will be necessary to see if the future does not hold us, as it is likely to be, the need for a vaccine updated to the variants currently circulating in order to truly fight the disease.” Immunization, Galli recalled, is essential at all ages. «The 50-year-olds who have not yet been vaccinated must be convinced by telling them that if they expect to escape thanks to the vaccine of others, with the Delta variant in circulation they can give up this hope. In fact, it is so widespread that it can also reach people who have many vaccinated around them».

Vaccine children, Italian pediatricians: “We need it very soon, this virus kills even the little ones”

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Third dose – To decide on a possible one third dose of the anti Covid vaccine an antibody test should be introduced to check if the protection is still high. «We should do what we should have done for some time if we hadn’t got involved in a rather bureaucratic vision of the problem – explained Galli -. We who are doctors, and who are in constant contact with individuals who may have certain problems, have been fighting for some time so that in certain situations we can apply and formalize the use of antibody measurement. They will not be the best test in the world by far, but from this point of view they are the best test available to see if one has had an answer and then if this answer keeps it ».

Locatelli (Cts): “In autumn vaccine for children”

The problem, the expert stressed, will soon concern health workers. «I agree that a stroke of the pen is enough to decide that it does not expire at nine months but expires at one year, and that when the year passes it expires at thirteen months, the problem is solved in a bureaucratic and unscientific way. But nine months or a year after vaccination it should still be understood whether those who have been vaccinated still have an answer or not. Otherwise it will not come out, also because soon all the Italian health personnel are faced with the problem of whether or not to do the third dose blindly, given that the available results are modest and the usefulness is to be discussed ».

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Iva Zanicchi: “My sister is alive because she was vaccinated: the Delta variant only caused her sore throat”

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