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The Wright brothers invent the airplane

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The Wright brothers invent the airplane

On May 22, 1906, the United States recognized the patent for a flying machine to the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, of Dayton, Ohio. It was the invention of the airplane.

What is striking, reviewing the document today, is that the patent application had been presented more than 3 years earlier, on March 23, 1903. Three years for a patent is a huge amount, which derives from the fact that an intense legal battle took place over that invention in the United States between several aspiring inventors: it has been observed that the two brothers made the first flight demonstration with an airplane powered, the Wright Flyer, December 17, 1903, but they decided to keep it a secret up to the patent; and therefore the first public demonstration took place on 8 August 1908.

It is said that his passion for flying came from a toy helicopter that his father had brought from a trip to Paris. It was a period, the end of the 19th century, in which various types of flight experiments multiplied, and in 1899 the two brothers decided to approach it from a scientific point of view. Engineering, although neither had an engineering degree. Four years later, the prototype was ready: a Kitty Hawk, North Carolinathey did 4 successive demonstrations of about one minute each.

But the two brothers wanted to protect their invention and this made life difficult for them, because for a while they were considered liars. On February 10, 1906, the French edition of the New York Herald ran a tough editorial in which we wondered if “the brothers flew or not? Do they have a flying car or not? Can they fly or are they just liars? Flying is difficult, saying that you have done it is easy “.

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Until August 8, 1980, when at a racecourse near Le Mans, France, they made their first demonstration flight time: one minute and 45 seconds. Before being struck by the science of flight, the two brothers had been editors for a small local newspaper and had started a service to repair bicycles. They were great inventors, but without a nose for business. Wilbur died a few years after the flight demonstration; Orville lived much longer, wealthy but not rich.

A piece of the Wright Flyer, which is kept at the Smithsonian Museum, was brought by Neil Armstrong to the Moon in 1969. E Kittyhawk, the place of the first flight, became the name of the startup by Google cofounder Larry Page to develop a self-driving aircraft.

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