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there are fears of environmental disaster in Dorset

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there are fears of environmental disaster in Dorset

An environmental disaster may already be underway due to one oil leak from an onshore field in Dorset, southeast of Great Britain. The plant is that of Wytch Farm, in the Purbecks, and is one of the largest land-based extraction sites in all of Europe.

Wytch Farm oil spill

The plant, acquired by Perenco in 2011, it was previously operated by BP. Perenco confirmed there was a limited oil leak at one of its wells at Wytch Farm.

The company energy he stated that the incident management team was promptly activated and the leak was stopped.

Perenco later made it known that he was working with the competent authorities for cleaning up the area.

Environmental disaster in the area affected by the spill

The governor of the region Philip Broadhead he said that while the leak was contained, oil had leaked into the water and surrounding area.

“Our goal must be to ensure that the effects of this disaster are mitigated,” the governor promised.

“As leader of Bournemouth Council, Christchurch and Poole Council, I will work alongside the administration to see what implications this loss may have and what actions we will be forced to take.”

Franck Dygeneral manager of the Wytch Farm plant explained that every spill is an extremely serious problem and a full inquiry must be made to ascertain the causes of today’s incident in Poole harbour.

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“Importantly, the situation is under control,” he added, noting that there are no more spills at sea at this time.

The notice to the population of the Poole area

The UK’s Health Safety Agency has banned citizens from bathing in the bay and surrounding area until further notice.

Anyone who has come into contact with the spill is advised to wash immediately with soap and water. Eyes with clean water only.

Photo source: ANSA

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