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There is a Gorillas on the Marmolada

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There is a Gorillas on the Marmolada

Gorillas closes: the home grocery startup leaves Italy in 10 minutes and 540 people out of work. I had tried it once, and it actually worked. It was evening and a bag with the ordered things arrived in 7-8 minutes, there was also the complimentary lettuce and a couple of fruits that I had never seen before to try. Even two handed it over: young, smiling, convinced that they had gotten to the right startup. Unemployed today.

I have never used it since. The fact is that shopping around the house in 10 minutes is not this great idea. If you are so lazy that you haven’t done your shopping, then order dinner directly; otherwise you cook with what you find in the fridge and in the cupboard. This is also skill.

Gorillas continues to collect records: born during the first phase of the pandemic in Germany, when all home delivery services took off, it had become the startup that took the least time to reach a valuation of over one billion euros. But now she is also the one who took the least time to fire. The retreat tells us something important about who we are and where we want to go. The basic idea of ​​Gorilas, like many other digital startups, is to be able to manipulate time, reduce expectations, make the fulfillment of our desires immediate. We will talk another time about the controversial effects this has on our well-being.

But in the meantime it must be said that the real goal of startups, of new businesses, should now be to dealing with space, not time; or rather the world in which we live, which continues to give us stronger and stronger signs of being sick; we need companies to help us change our lifestyle while respecting the planet, not to make us have lettuce at home in 10 minutes.

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