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These are the three most common mistakes

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These are the three most common mistakes

For all the amateur gardeners who planted cucumbers and other vegetables this year, the summer will be busy. Fertilizing, cutting, watering are all tasks that need to be done at the right time for a good harvest. It is also important to know how to properly care for your vegetable plants. Regarding the watering of cucumbers, from my own experience over the years I have noticed some common mistakes that had negative consequences for the plants. In today’s post, I summarize what the worst watering mistakes are and what you should pay attention to when watering your cucumbers.

Growing cucumbers: These are the most common watering mistakes

When you grow cucumbers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In addition to the right fertilizer, the right watering also plays a decisive role in the health of the plants. In the growth phase, the cucumber plants need plenty of and regular watering. However, it is not uncommon for people to go about it the wrong way. In order to avoid failures and optimize yields, the following watering mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

Not watering cucumbers enough

Cucumber seedlings with dry soil

Cucumbers are about 95 percent water. Therefore, the plants have a really high water requirement in the growth phase in order to thrive well and bear tasty fruit. Inadequate watering can even cause cucumbers to taste bitter. The condition of the soil also plays an important role. A loose, humus-rich soil is ideal so that the plant can absorb the nutrients well.

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As for the required amount of water, the plant needs about one and a half to three liters of water per day. That means you should water the cucumber plants with about 10 to 20 liters of water a week.

Water at the wrong time

Cucumber leaves should not get wet

If you water your cucumbers at the wrong time of day, you’re making another watering mistake. To be on the safe side, you should always water cucumber plants in the morning. In the early morning hours, the earth is still not heated and can absorb the water better without it evaporating too quickly. A layer of mulch around the plant will also help prevent rapid evaporation on hot summer days. Water the plants between two and four times a week, avoiding both waterlogging and drying out of the soil.

The right water is also important because cucumber plants do not like hard water, i.e. tap water. It is best to use collected rainwater that is at ambient temperature for watering.

wet leaves

Watering mistakes in cucumbers Wet leaves

Do you always water your cucumbers with the water hose from above? That’s a mistake. When watering, the leaves should actually not get any water to prevent the formation of bacteria and fungal diseases such as downy mildew. Always water directly around the roots – the water is only really necessary there. A climbing aid can be very useful for this task. This way the plants grow tall and you can only water the root area without any problems.

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