Home Health These cholesterol supplements are bad for your health, don’t buy them

These cholesterol supplements are bad for your health, don’t buy them

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These cholesterol supplements are bad for your health, don’t buy them

Those suffering from high cholesterol will probably use various strategies to keep this parameter under control, modifying their diet and using food supplements, but one of these has been reported by the European Union.

Supplements are very useful in case of deficiencies or problems related to the parameters of your body, they give strength and a better state of health, however in this case it not only seems useless to fight cholesterol, but can also be harmful.

Cholesterol supplement – solofinanza.it

Health-threatening cholesterol supplement

The alarm comes directly from EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, which has lowered the safety limits for a supplement of natural origin used by many people suffering from high cholesterol.

The supplement in question has attracted consumers a lot, as its natural composition is widely advertised, not always an indication of safety or healthiness, just like in this case.

The basic ingredient of the supplement is fermented red rice, which contains a molecule called monacoline that can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. The problem with this molecule is that, according to EFSA, it can be harmful for damage to muscle tissue, liver toxicity, nervous system disorders, gastrointestinal problems, skin and subcutaneous disorders, and drug interactions.

cholesterol supplement
Red rice supplement – solofinanza.it

The change of regulation

According to the new regulation, the dosage of these molecules must be present in much smaller quantities to ensure a beneficial effect, and this supplement is of great concern to EFSA as it is freely marketed and can also be purchased without a prescription, so you can risk abuse it.

From now on, the maximum of monacolins will be 3mg per daily dose and supplement manufacturers will have to make this daily dosage clear to everyone, already from the packaging, so as to avoid the risks deriving from overdose, which must necessarily be included in the descriptions present. on the packaging.

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When you decide to start taking a supplement you should inform your doctor, so as to be able to better direct the patient towards a product that can actually help him.

In the event that you decide to personally purchase the supplement, you must always carefully read all the information provided on the package and on any leaflet inside.

Fermented red rice is a widely used ingredient in these cases so reading the label and ingredients is a must to ensure long-term good health and avoid unnecessary risks that would aggravate your situation.

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