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These drinks are even more effective than water at high temperatures

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These drinks are even more effective than water at high temperatures

When it gets hot in summer, we have to drink a lot, preferably water. However, some drinks can support the body just as well at high temperatures. Read here which drinks you can rely on at high temperatures.

Water makes up more than half of a person’s body weight. To keep it that way, you should drink enough fluids every day.

Water is best because it is sugar- and calorie-free. Sugary foods can also cause dehydration in the short term. But is water really always the best choice for rehydrating on hot days?

To absorb liquid better – milk as a water alternative

“If you just replace lost fluids with water, you end up with too much water and too little salt in your body,” says Ron Maughan, a professor at the University of St. Andrews School of Medicine.

Because of this, milk can be even more effective than water. Milk naturally contains salt and lactose, a sugar we need in small amounts to encourage water absorption in the gut, says Maughan.

Coconut water is also effective because it contains salt, potassium, and carbohydrates. Milk is also rich in electrolytes and macronutrients. This means that the body can absorb and store fluid better.

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Electrolytes in the heat – they really are that important

Sports drinks contain carbohydrates, which means: mainly sugar. This is not necessary if you sit at a desk all day. However, there is evidence that sports drinks, which contain electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, can keep us hydrated better than water.

“Professional athletes lose large amounts of sweat over long periods of time, making it important for them to replace the lost electrolytes. But the rest of us don’t necessarily need to drink sports drinks to stay hydrated. In addition to the normal drinks that we consume, a balanced diet contains enough liquid so that people get everything they need,” says Sophie Killer, consultant for competitive sports.

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It’s not just what you drink that matters, but how you drink it

Clear water is sufficient in most cases. Whether we drink enough fluids depends not only on what we drink, but also on how we do it. In order to prevent that, if you drink enough, you wash out all your nutrients when you go to the toilet frequently, you should consider the following. “If you gulp down a liter of water in a relatively short period of time, it’s going to overwhelm your bladder. You’re not really getting hydrated,” says Killer.

Instead, you should drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. “The easiest way is to drink water with a meal, because then the body can slowly absorb and store the liquid. It thus crosses the membranes and goes where it is needed to keep the body hydrated, rather than going directly to the bladder. This would simply result in increased urine production. And nobody wants that.

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