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These ground cover plants are suitable for this

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Moss is removed regularly in most gardens. But did you know that it is an important part of Japanese garden design? Learn how to create your own moss garden to green up your outdoor space and add some texture.

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Create a moss garden: You can do it with these moss-like ground cover plants

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Forest moss is a popular ground cover for shady and damp areas with poor drainage in the garden where other plants do not thrive. However, since it can be difficult to grow, some alternative plants can be considered. In the following article you will learn which moss-like ground cover plants are best suited to your home climate in order to create a green picture in your own garden that soothes the senses.

Here’s how to do it

Before you start your moss garden, you should choose the right location that is free of weeds. Shady or semi-shady areas under trees and bushes are suitable for this, as moss-like plants do not prefer direct sun. It’s best to choose just one plant for larger areas and combine it with gravel and stones to ensure optimal effect.

Since moss prefers nutrient-poor soil, garden soil is not ideal for cultivation. Dig the subsoil to a depth of about 10 cm and then apply a mixture of sand and peat. Also create a slightly hilly garden design by placing occasional rocks and dead wood on top to give your moss garden an individual character.


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Woolly thyme is the perfect ground cover for uneven areas in the garden. It thrives in dry locations in sun or partial shade and covers the area beautifully, growing up to 5 cm high and spreading widely. If you want to create a fragrant moss garden, woolly thyme is perfect for you.


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Star moss is an easy-care ground cover, perfect for rock gardens or as a lawn replacement. Although it can hardly be distinguished visually from classic moss, the perennial belongs to the carnation family and has very different requirements.

The hardy plant is slow growing, but once established in the garden, it makes a beautiful sight outdoors. It prefers a sunny or partially shaded location. Plant star moss in the spring after the last frost if you want a carpet-like covering in the garden.

Second upholstery

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The robust Andean cushion is the perfect plant if you want to fill larger areas. Plant it in a sunny or partially shaded spot in the garden to enjoy its delicate, yellow flowers in early summer. The low-growing, evergreen ground cover is also a popular choice for rock gardens or for the joints between paving stones.

Bald herb

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The low-growing bald herb is only 5 cm high and forms a beautiful, green carpet in the garden. It can thrive in both sun and partial shade and even grows over rocky areas.

measuring stone quarry

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This evergreen cushion plant grows up to 20 cm tall and blooms in white, yellow and every shade of pink from May to June. It prefers shady to semi-shady locations and well-drained, sandy-gravelly soil.

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Golden maidenhair moss

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With its deep green color and dense growth, the golden maidenhair moss forms a beautiful carpet in the garden. Its sharp-tipped leaves look like small stars and provide a patterned coverage. It grows up to 50 cm high and prefers a moist location in partial shade with acidic soil.

Sparriges Kranzmoos

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If you are looking for a sturdy lawn replacement, consider sparse wreath moss. The easy-care plant thrives in both poor and nutrient-rich soil and can also survive mowing.


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Fountain liverwort is one of the most widespread species of liverwort. It spreads quickly and forms nice, dense mats and has no specific requirements other than some moisture.

Create a moss garden with silver moss

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Silver moss is a hardy and particularly robust plant that can survive even longer dry periods. It is suitable for greening joints in asphalt cracks and paving stones and looks particularly good in combination with natural stone in the garden.


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Dried white moss is often used as fall and Christmas decorations. But it’s also a great, low-maintenance plant for the garden. It can easily survive long dry periods by turning white. However, it will return to a fresh green color as soon as it is re-watered. Please note that white moss is protected and collecting it in nature is prohibited.

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